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46183844H L ReevesFindon : a downland village1968E/15Sussex
46204569M E ReevesThe medieval village1954E/66.0Reeves
46218040Marjorie ReevesThe medieval village1984E/66.3Reeves
46224311M E ReevesThe medieval village1954E/66.0Reeves
46234310M E ReevesThe medieval town1954E/66Reeves
46242257Registered Plumbers AssociationObjects, constitution & rules1908WCPRegist
46264266Registered Plumbers AssociationJournal1966WCPRegist
46275380Mats RehnbergThe Nordiska Museet and Skansen : an introduction to the history and activities of a famous Swedish museum1957M/01.1Sweden
46287637J W ReidPigs1949E/17.34Reid,
46297473Kenneth ReidPanel infillings to timber-framed buildings1989B/05.2Reid,
46303597C RenfrewSocial archaeology : inaugural lecture1973E/61.0Renfre
46313196RenoforsApplication of polymerchemical restoration systems?B/10.0Renofo
46323744RenoforsPolymerchemical restoration1975B/10.8Renofo
46335808RenoforsHigh Salvington windmill : recommendations for restoration of the main timbers1977B/24.9Renofo
46355084RentokilStop the rot : conservators in action1984B/10.7Rentok
46367972L ReynoldsForest record N19 : the manufacture of wood charcoal in Great Britain1961E/33.18Reynol
46373405L ReynoldsThe manufacture of wood charcoal in Great Britain1961E/33.18Reynol
46381380Peter J ReynoldsFarming in the iron age1976E/17.1Reynol
46396899Peter J ReynoldsIron-age farm : the Butser experiment1979M/03Butser
46404176P J ReynoldsIron Age Farm : the Butser Experiment1979E/17.1Reynol
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