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33465310P Jerrome, J NewdickThe men with laughter in their hearts1986E/66.0Jerrom
3347101E Jervoise on behalf of SPABThe ancient bridges of the south of England1930E/35.5Jervoi
33487965E JervoiseThe ancient bridges of the south of England1930E/35.5Jervoi
33494986R H B JesseCounty agricultural surveys N2 : a survey of the agriculture of Sussex1960E/17.8Jesse,
3350321F W JessupA history of Kent1974E/65.0Jessup
33511541Ronald F JessupSussex : based on the original guide by F.G.Brabant1957E/15Sussex
33523353compiled by Andrew JewellCrafts trades and industries : a book list for historians1968E/33.0Jewell
33547565John Williams & Co LtdTraditional natural slate roofingB/04.74John W
33555801C A JohnsThe forest trees of Britain1886E/07.1Johns,
33577298Eleanor JohnsonNeedlework tools : a guide to collecting1978E/33.59Johnso
33587321Eleanor JohnsonFashion accessories1980E/74Johnso
33596929C MarsdenThe English at the seaside1947E/72.1Marsde
33605477O MarseenVikingegravplasden Lindholm HojeE/62.2Marsee
336138J E MarshStone decay & its prevention1926B/10.4Marsh,
33622254A C MartinThe use of copper in plumbingWCPMartin
33631432A C MartinThe modern practical plumber inc index1929WCPMartin
33644457A C Martin, J H HenwoodThe modern practical plumberWCPMartin
33651437A C Martin, J H HenwoodThe modern practical plumberpre 1926WCPMartin
336612218B MartinThe Rape of Hastings Architectural Survey : list of surveys as at end of 19841985B/00.4Martin
33673263D MartinMedieval Burwash Pt1B/22Martin
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