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32396542Hartley & Sugden LtdBoilers & heating appliances1923WCPHartle
32402295Hartley & Sugden LtdBoilers & heating appliances1930WCPHartle
32416521Hartley & Sugden LtdBoilers & heating appliances1935WCPHartle
32422294Hartley & Sugden LtdBoilers & heating appliances1935WCPHartle
32436522Hartley & Sugden LtdBoilers, radiators & calorifiers1951WCPHartle
32446049Hartley & Sugden LtdBoilers radiators calorifiers1951WCPHartle
32456523Hartley & Sugden LtdBoilers, radiators & calorifiers1951WCPHartle
32461Dorothy HartleyThe countryman's England1943E/17.0Hartle
32473166Dorothy HartleyThe countryman's England1942-3E/17.0Hartle
32482127Dorothy HartleyMade in England1951E/33.0Hartle
32493131Dorothy Hartley & Margaret M ElliotLife and work of the people of England : a pictorial record from contemporary sources : the eighteenth century1931E/66.0Hartle
32504492Marie Hartley & Joan IngilbyThe Yorkshire Dales1974E/15Yorksh
32515572M Hartley and J IngilbyDales memories1986E/56Hartle
32525583John HarveyEnglish mediaeval architects : a biographical dictionary down to 15501984B/01.2Harvey
3253181J HarveyConservation of buildings1972B/09Harvey
3254235John HarveyConservation of buildings1972B/10.0Harvey
32552789John HarveyMediaeval gardens1981B/08.1Harvey
32566595John HarveyRestoring period gardens from the middle ages to Georgian times1988B/08.1Harvey
3257116J H HarveySources for the history of houses : archives & the user N31974B/03.4Harvey
32587291M Harvey, R ComptonFisherman knitting1978E/33.51Harvey
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