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33332251A Herring-ShawElementary science applied to sanitation & plumbers' work1910WCPHerrin
33347464Mervyn MillerHertfordshire Building Preservation Trust : a jubilee history1963-19881988B/10.0Miller
33357237Hertfordshire County CouncilThatch in Hertfordshire1983B/05.62Hertfo
33367235Hertfordshire County CouncilPargetting in Hertfordshire1983B/07.3Herts
33377236Hertfordshire County CouncilBricks in Hertfordshire1983B/05.3Hertfo
33387238Hertfordshire County CouncilTiles & slates in Hertfordshire1984B/05.62Hertfo
33398291D Jennings SmithEssex landscape No.1 : historic features1974E/18Jennin
33402234G J G JensenHouse drainage & sanitary fitments1900WCPJensen
33417110P JerromeCloakbag & common purse1979E/19.6Jerrom
33423226Peter Jerrome and Jonathan NewdickNot submitted elsewhere : photographs from the 1920s by George Garland1980E/66.3Jerrom
33432924Peter Jerrome and Jonathan NewdickProud Petworth and beyond : photographs from the '20s & '30s by George Garland1981E/66.3Jerrom
33442952Peter Jerrome and Jonathan NewdickPetworth time out of mind1982E/15Sussex
33453439Peter Jerrome and Jonathan NewdickPetworth : the winds of change1983E/15Sussex
33465310P Jerrome, J NewdickThe men with laughter in their hearts1986E/66.0Jerrom
3347101E Jervoise on behalf of SPABThe ancient bridges of the south of England1930E/35.5Jervoi
33487965E JervoiseThe ancient bridges of the south of England1930E/35.5Jervoi
33494986R H B JesseCounty agricultural surveys N2 : a survey of the agriculture of Sussex1960E/17.8Jesse,
3350321F W JessupA history of Kent1974E/65.0Jessup
33511541Ronald F JessupSussex : based on the original guide by F.G.Brabant1957E/15Sussex
33523353compiled by Andrew JewellCrafts trades and industries : a book list for historians1968E/33.0Jewell
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