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3964025330Joan HardingTrue cottages or narrow houses in Surrey1997B/22Surrey
3964125331edited by Diana ZeunerBuilding history - Weald & Downland Open Air Museum 1970-2010 - the first forty years2010M/06Zeuner
3964225332Kearey. TGenerations apart : a tale of village life, AD1381-19502008E/72.0Kearey
3964325333Pamela HornThe Victorian country child1990E/66.4Horn,
3964425334Pamela HornThe Victorian and Edwardian schoolchild1989E/66.1Horn,
3964525335John Steane and James AyresTraditional buildings in the Oxford region c.1300-18402013B/01.3Steane
3964625336edited by Gitte Hansen, Steven P Ashby and Irene BaugEveryday products in the middle ages : crafts, consumption and the individual in northern Europe c.AD 800-16002015E/33.0Hansen
3964725337C M WoolgarThe culture of food in England 1200-15002016E/72.5Woolga
3964825338compiled by Peter J HughesOliver Whitby School Chichester : a history2002E/25.5Hughes
3964925339Suzanne Fagence CooperThe Victorian woman2001E/66.4Cooper
3965025340Margaret WardFemale occupations : women's employment 1850-19502008E/22.1Ward,
396518709Anthony PeersGreat expectations : historic buildings in need of repair1992B/10.0Peers,
3965510755Jane Glaister and Stuart DaviesOakwell : a multi-disciplinary project in Kirklees, West Yorkshire / ?, ??M/03Glaist
3965610778Keighley CollegeThe Keighley construction curriculum project?M/04Keighl
3965713437J MortimerOf mills / Of several sort of works / Of the charges and profit of farming / The whole art of husbandry; or the way of managing and improving of land1708E/17.1Mortim
39658Ref - 25342Liz ScottThe making of the English nurseryman / Rural History Today, 37 : August2019E/17.46
3965925343Stan YorkeEnglish canals explained2003E/35.2Yorke,
39661Ref - 20856K MajorPreservation of wind and watermills and the role of the International Molinological Society / Transactions of the first international congress on the conservation of industrial monuments1974B/24.9
396629119James AyresBuilding in timber - The American tradition 1680-19801993B/05.2Ayres,
3966312162Barrie EvansThe journyemen : building a timber frame / Architectural Journal, March 19921992B/05.2Evans,
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