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3905024910Michael Knights et alNorfolk wood tar project report1999?E/33.19Knight
3905224911Ed William PlomerKilvert's diary : selections from the diary of the Reverend Francis Kilvert 1870-18791978E/56Plomer
3905424912Alison UttleyThe country child2000E/72.0Uttley
3905524913George ChamierWhen it happened2006E/66.0Chamie
3905624914George Ewart EvansAsk the fellows who cut the hay1965E/56Evans,
3905724915edited by Tom StephensonThe countryside companion1946E/11Stephe
3905824916Odhams PressThe home workshop1945?E/33.0Odhams
3905924917Compiled by a committee of the ENGLISH ASSOCIATIONEngland an anthology1944E/82Englis
3906024918Peter IsaacThe farmyard companion1981E/11Isaac,
3906224919Edited by J MarsdenThe Victorian world of Helen Allingham1999E/76Marsde
3906524920Allen ChandlerChichester Harbour reflections on MUD & CHIE/15Sussex
3906624921Josceline BaileyCountry wheelwright1978E/33.23Bailey
3906724922James M Gaynor and Nancy L HagedornTools : working wood in eighteenth-century America1993E/33.22Gaynor
3906824923Bourneville Village TrustSelly Manor, Bournville1995B/22Bourne
3907024924Geoffrey WarrenVanishing street furniture1978E/32.0Warren
3907124925D E EarlA report on charcoal1974E/33.18Earl,
3907224926Tullio Seppilli and Martin AttwoodIl carbonaio : una tecnica tradizionale di perparazione del carbone dil legna nella montagna cortonese1981E/33.18Seppil
3907324927AldredShirley Aldred and Co Ltd 1796-19581958E/33.18Aldred
3907424928Malcolm StratfordCharcoal burning in the 17th century: a brief history and practical guide1994E/33.18Stratf
3907524929J R AaronThe production of wood charcoal in Great Britain1980E/33.18Aaron,
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