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3944825216edited by John ManleySecrets of the high woods : revealing hidden landscapes2016E/15Sussex
394509058Marley plcMarley : 1924-1984 : Diamond Jubilee : 60 years of achievement1984B/01.7Marley
39452Ref - 8755Peter DormerOut of the woods : a unique experiment in timber architecture ... at Hooke Park College in Dorset / World Architecture, 8 : 2 : 41990B/05.2
3945925223David JohnsonLime kilns : history and heritage2018B/05.7Johnso
3946025224Elizabeth Williamson et alThe buildings of England : Sussex : West2019B/01Pevsne
394618830National Vocational Training InstituteRural building. Voumel 2 : basic knowledge1995B/05.0Nation
394628831National Vocational Training InstituteRural building. Voumel 3 : construction1995B/05.0Nation
394638832National Vocational Training InstituteRural building. Voume 4 : drawing books1995B/05.0Nation
394649198Leslie RaynerQuestions and answers on heating1946B/07.7Rayner
3947125225Mark ClarkeTricks of the medieval trades : the Trinity Encyclopedia : a collection of fourteenth-century craft recipes2018E/33.0Clarke
394738797W J ArkellOxford stone1947B/05.4Arkell
394748841Michael Hill and Sally BirchCotswold stone homes : history . conservation . care1994B/05.4Hill,
394758733Asher ShadmonStone : an introduction1989B/05.4Shadmo
3948025227Mies van der Rohe FoundationMies van der Rohe Pavilion award for European architecture1992B/01.0Mies v
3948225228John MckayVictory : the 100 gun ship1987E/35.3McKay,
394835091Rheinisches Freilichtmuseum und Landesmuseum fur Volkskunde KommernLehm im fachwerkbau [lime in timber frame construction]1986B/05.7Rheini
3948625229Ministry of TechnologyPrinciples of modern building. Volume 1. Part I. The building as a whole Part II. The wall and its functions1959B/06.0Minist
3948725230Ministry of TechnologyPrinciples of modern building. Volume 2 : floors and roofs1961B/06.0Minist
3948825231Norman DaveyBuilding stones of England and Wales1976B/05.4Davey,
3948925232Jessica SutcliffeThe history and architecture of Square Chapel Halifax1996B/26Halifa
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