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386556335Sigurd O TillerFolkemuseet for Trondheim og Trondelag1961M/08Norway
386577959Trondelag FolkemuseumTrondelag Folkemuseum Sverresborg : Arbok 19911991M/01.1Norway
3865811052Trondelag FolkemuseumTrondheim pa 1700-Tallet [Trondheim in the 1700 century] : Arbok 19931993M/01.1Norway
386593966translated by James D EdmondstonThe Sandvig Collections : guidebook1982M/08Norway
386606338Sunnmore MuseumSunnmore Museum : ein vegleidar til samlingane [a guide to the collections]1954M/08Norway
386614687Gerd SonjuThe Norwegian Folk Museum : Oslo?M/08Norway
3866315423Julia M SigurdsonJulitaboken1991M/01.1Sweden
3866514863Kulturen LundOstarp : a guide to the visitor / A guide to The Museum of Cultural History in Lund1983M/08Sweden
386666307The Ethnographic Open-Air Museum of LatviaTautas muzikas instrumenti [traditional musical instruments]1988E/79.2Latvia
386671216The Ethnographic Open-Air Museum of LatviaThe Ethnographic Open-Air Museum of Latvia : guide books1982-5M/08Latvia
3866824782Avoncroft Museum of BuildingsAvoncroft Museum : guide1974M/08Avoncr
3866924783Anthony FletcherThe Elizabethan village1990E/65.5Fletch
3867124784Skansen Open-air MuseumSkansen Open-Air Museum2012M/08Sweden
3867214852Latvijas Muzeju associacjas izdevumsMuseums of Latvia?M/01Latvia
3867324785Hugh Barty-KingWater : the book : an illustrated history of water supply and wastewater in the United Kingdom1992E/32.2Barty-
386743379Latvijas Etnografiskais Brivdabas MuzejsLatvijas Etnografiskais Brivdabas Muzejs1974M/08Latvia
3867524786Charles van RavenswaayThe compleat farmer1975E/17.30Ravens
386762404Estonian Open Air MuseumEstonian Open Air Museum : from thoughts to reality1996M/01.1Estoni
3867724787Charles van RavenswaayThe compleat farmer1975E/17.30Ravens
3867814854Ervins Veveris, Martins KuplaisIn the Latvian Ethnographic Open-air Museum1986M/08Latvia
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