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386915161edited by Corneliu Bucur et alMuseum of Folk Technology : guide book1986M/08Romani
3869311001Cornel Irimie et alCibinium 1969-73 : studii si materiale privind muzeul tehnicii populare [Studies and communications from the open-air museum of folk technology]1973M/08Sibiu
386944159J Stika et alWallachian Open-air Museum Ro?M/08Czech/
386956312Gunnar ElfstromEn bok om Gamla Linkoping1996M/08Sweden
386978039Michael DauskardtMuseum guide : Westphalian Open-Air Museum Hagen : regional museum for crafts and technology1990M/08German
386984301Rainer Heck et alWestfalisches Freilichtmuseum Technischer Kulturdenkmale Hagen [Westphalian Open-Air Museum technical cultural heritage]1984M/08German
386997524Ecomusee d'AlsaceEcomusee d'Alsace : musee alsacien de plein air?M/08France
3870010966Bojana Rogelj SkafarThe Slovene Ethnographic Museum : a journey through time and only partly through space1993M/08Sloven
387056317Ottmar SchuberthFuehrer durch das Freilichtmuseum des Bezirks Oberbayern an der Glentleiten [Guided tour through the open-air museum of the district of Upper Bavaria \\ 1978M/08German
38707Ref - 2629David T StephensDates on the roof / Pioneer America Society Transactions, V1982B/05.62
387085372Peter Michelsen; Frode Kirk and Njarne StoklundThe origin and aim of the open-air museum; moving old buildings / Dansk Folkemuseum & Frilandsmuseet : History & Activities1966M/01.1Denmar
387095693Heinrich MehlFuehrer durch das Hohenloher Freilandmuseum1986M/08German
3871015425Claus AhrensThe stave church at Gol and other early wooden churches?B/26Ahrens
3871110777Castle MuseumThe Castle Museum York?M/08Yorksh
387124442The York StoryThe York story : a thousand years of the city's history?M/08Yorksh
3871310977Malcolm J WatkinsYour money or Yorvik / The Museum Archaeologist, 101985M/01Jorvik
387144441Castle Museum YorkThe Castle Museum York1981M/08Yorksh
3871510763York Archaeological Trust LtdJorvik Viking Centre : official guide?M/08Yorksh
3871610772York Archaeological TrustJorvik Viking Centre?M/08Yorksh
38721Ref - 22109W David LewisIronmaking in Early America : the iron plantations / Hopewell furnace : a guide to Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site Pennsylvania1983E/36.1
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