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3864010856National Museum of WalesWelsh Folk Museum St Fagans : handbook1956M/08Wales/
3864210854National Museum of WalesSt. Fagans Castle : a folk museum for the Welsh nation1946M/08Wales/
3864310836Eurwyn WiliamRe-erection, restoration and interpretation: the Rhyd-y-Car houses at the Welsh Folk Museum / Social History Curators Group Journal, 161988-9M/01.1Wiliam
38645Ref - 5784Berrnard SteffThe double-dyed poachers of Symonds Green / Countryman, 90 : 31985E/17.59
3864624781Nigel HarveyA history of farm buildings in England and Wales1984B/23Harvey
38647Ref - 5783Dominic BolandCraftsman in a silent world / Countryman, 90 : 21985E/33.20
386482427Cornel Irimie et alCibinium 1974-78 : studii si materiale privind muzeul tehnicii populare [Studies and communications from the open-air museum of folk technology]1979M/08Sibiu
38650Ref - 5342Gheorghe Curinschi VoronaDevelopment of folk architecture / Romanian Review, 61986B/01.3
3865211045Valdres FolkemuseumValdres Folkemuseum?M/08Norway
3865311044translated by Margaret BautzThe Sandvig Collections : guide to the open air museum1963M/08Norway
386547024GlomdalsmuseetNytt om gammalt : Arbok 1988-891989M/01.1Norway
386556335Sigurd O TillerFolkemuseet for Trondheim og Trondelag1961M/08Norway
386577959Trondelag FolkemuseumTrondelag Folkemuseum Sverresborg : Arbok 19911991M/01.1Norway
3865811052Trondelag FolkemuseumTrondheim pa 1700-Tallet [Trondheim in the 1700 century] : Arbok 19931993M/01.1Norway
386593966translated by James D EdmondstonThe Sandvig Collections : guidebook1982M/08Norway
386606338Sunnmore MuseumSunnmore Museum : ein vegleidar til samlingane [a guide to the collections]1954M/08Norway
386614687Gerd SonjuThe Norwegian Folk Museum : Oslo?M/08Norway
3866315423Julia M SigurdsonJulitaboken1991M/01.1Sweden
3866514863Kulturen LundOstarp : a guide to the visitor / A guide to The Museum of Cultural History in Lund1983M/08Sweden
386666307The Ethnographic Open-Air Museum of LatviaTautas muzikas instrumenti [traditional musical instruments]1988E/79.2Latvia
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