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3791724582Jeanne JonesFamily life in Shakespeare's England : Stratford upon Avon 1570 - 16301996E/65.5Jones,
3791824583Elizabeth DavidSpices, salt and aromatics in the English kitchen1970E/72.5David,
3791924584Alison SimFood and feast in Tudor EnglandE/72.5Sim, A
37922Ref - 18600Bernard D CottonRegional furniture studies in the late 18th and 19th century traditions : an introduction to research methods / Regional Furniture, I1987E/64
37923Ref - 18600Susan BourneOak furniture and the Towneley family of Lancashire / Regional Furniture, I1987E/33.28
37924Ref - 18600Anthony Wells-ColeA painted bed dated 1724 / Regional Furniture, I1987E/33.28
37925Ref - 18600R Ross NobleThe chairs of Sutherland and Caithness : a northern tradition in Highland chair-making? / Regional Furniture, I1987E/33.28
37926Ref - 18600Susan E StuartTo a mahogany case - the best sort : influences on the design of 18th-century North Lancashire clock cases / Regional Furniture, I1987E/33.28
37927Ref - 18600Christopher GilbertWorkhouse furniture / Regional Furniture, I1987E/27.4
37928Ref - 18600Nicholas MooreA Chester cabinet maker's specification book / Regional Furniture, I1987E/33.28
37929Ref - 18600Robert F TrentConnecticut plain high-style seat furniture of the 18th century / Regional Furniture, I1987E/33.28
37930987?Ye only true legende of the devil his dyke1881E/71.6Devil
37931Ref - 14810Hadrian Cook, Kathy Stearne and Tom WilliamsonThe origins of water meadows in England / Agricultural History Review, 51 : Part II2003E/17.30
37932Ref - 14810Hugh CloutThe Pays de Bray : a vale of dairies in northern France / Agricultural History Review, 51 : Part II2003E/17.32
37933Ref - 14810Michael TichelarThe Labour Party, agricultural policy and the retreat from rural land nationalisation during the Second World War / Agricultural History Review, 51 : Part II2003E/65.7
37935Ref - 16664D Durst & M ManningGunton saw mill / Norfolk Industrial Archaeology Society Journal, 4 : 31988B/24.3
37939Ref - 24587John MinnisRailway architecture in Sussex 1967-2017 / Sussex Industrial History, 472017B/28
37940Ref - 24587Paul SnellingSouthdown bus garages and other premises on Sussex / Sussex Industrial History, 472017B/28
37941Ref - 24587Brian Austen, Ted Henbury and John BlackwellManor Royal, Crawley 1948-1980 / Sussex Industrial History, 472017E/16.7
37942Ref - 24587Philip Hicks et alFifty years of mill restoration / Sussex Industrial History, 472017B/24.9
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