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37749Ref - 10736Cathedral CommunicationsNails and wood screws / Building Conservation Directory1999B/07.9
37750Ref - 10736Janice Carey and Colin GrantTreatment of dry rot in historic buildings / Building Conservation Directory1999B/10.9
37751Ref - 10736Russell TaylorChimneys and flues / Building Conservation Directory1999B/06.2
37752Ref - 10736Kevin HowellGilding / Building Conservation Directory1999B/07.4
3775424498edited by R GreenhalghThe building educator. Volume III1934?B/05.70Greenh
3775524499edited by R GreenhalghThe building educator. Volume II1934?B/05.70Greenh
37756Ref - 5076John Martin RobinsonDairies / Georgian model farms1983B/23.2
3775724500G M TrevelyanEnglish social history : a survey of six centuries Chaucer to Queen VictoriaE/66.0Trevel
3775824501Linda MurrayThe high renaissance and mannerism1977E/76Murray
3775924502John Rupert MartinBaroque1977E/76Martin
3776024503John WhiteArt and architecture in Italy 1250 - 14001993B/01.0White,
37761Ref - 5076John Martin RobinsonCow-houses, pigsties, and stables / Georgian model farms : a study of decorative and model farm buildings in the Age of Improvement, 1700-18461983B/23.3
37762Ref - 5076John Martin RobinsonPoultry houses and dovecots / Georgian model farms : a study of decorative and model farm buildings in the Age of Improvement, 1700-18461983B/23.4
3776415890Albrecht WaldMuseumsportraet : Das Frankische Freilandmuseum in Fladungen : Gedanken zu Aufbau, Konzept und Zukunftsperspektiven [Museum Portrait : The Frankish Op\\ / ??M/01.1Wald,
3776514125R E Mortimer WheelerFolk museums : opening paper in a discussion at the Bristol Conference, 1934 / The Museums Journal, 341934M/01Wheele
3776712176Adriaan de JongYou are lucky, the farmer has just returned! The role of the open air museum in interpreting life of individuals as opposed to the history of architec\\ 1997M/01.1de Jon
3776812174Gunnar ElfstromSee the people!1997M/03Elfstr
3776912175Peter LewisThe sense of the past : going too far or never far enough??M/03Lewis,
3777011122edited by Crispin PaineStandards in the museum care of larger and working objects : social and industrial history collections1994M/03Paine,
3777112687David FlemingFrom shepherds' smocks to EEC : interpretation in rural museums / ?1984M/03Flemin
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