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38133Ref - 18222W H CashmoreNotes on farm mechanisation in war time / Royal Agricultural Society of England Journal, 101 : Part II1941E/17.7
38134Ref - 15342Mark Stedman et alTwo Ango-Saxon metalwork pieces from Shawford, Compton and Shawford parish, Winchester / Hampshire Studies, 582003E/74
38136Ref - 24655Joe ThompsonConserving the ornamental dairy from Eastwick Park, Great Bookham, Surrey / WD Magazine, Spring2018M/06
38137Ref - 24655Diana Zeuner50 years ago : 1968 was a busy year / WD Magazine, Spring2018M/06
38138Ref - 24655Julian BellLand Settlement Association house safely stored at museum / WD Magazine, Spring2018M/06
38139Ref - 24655Helen MbyeWho lived in our 14th century cottage? : how lay taxation records for Hangleton Village/reveal the identities, occupations and origins of its inhabita\\ / WD Magazine, Spring2018E/64
38141Ref - 24656Martin HigginsResearch topics : evidence for another medieval smoke louver / DBRG News, January2018B/06.2
38142Ref - 24656Rosemary HughesdonRodwell Farm / DBRG News, January2018B/01.3
38143Ref - 24656David Chalcraft and Joe ThompsonThe cathedral of Middlesex? (Harmondsworth barn) / DBRG News, January2018B/23.2
38144Ref - 24656Ian WestVisit to Church Steps Cottage and Step Cottage, Witley / DBRG News, January2018B/01.3
38148Ref - 566Charles DawsonAncient boat found at Bexhill / Sussex Archaeological Collections, XXXIX1894E/35.3
38149Ref - 889L J HumphreysTraining sheep dogs / Countryman, XL : 11949E/17.33
38150Ref - 893Ian J PeacockThe thrashin' / Countryman, XLII : 1 : Autumn1950E/17.37
3815124659John StylesThe dress of the people : everyday fashion in 18th century England2007E/74Styles
3815224660Louise SchleinerThe living lyre in English verse : from Elizabeth through the restoration1984E/79.2Schlei
3815324661Bridget Ann HenischFast and feast: food in medieval society1976E/72.5Henisc
3815424662Colman's of NorwichThe story of Colman's mustardE/17.1Colman
3815524663Jennifer SteadFood and cooking in 18th century Britain1985E/72.5Stead,
3815624664Ben TurnerHome made wines and beers1982E/72.5Turner
3815724665David Smith and Geoff WoollonsThe fundamentals of mini-brewing1998E/72.5Smith,
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