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3771024478A LadyThe child's guide to knowledge1892E/01
3771124479The Historical Association, D C ColemanThe domestic system in industry1960E/30Colema
3771224480The Economic History Society, R B OuthwaiteInflation in Tudor and early Stuart England1969E/65.5Outhwa
3771324481JC Drummond and Anne WilbrahamThe Englishman's food : a history of five centuries of English diet1939E/72.5Drummo
3771424482Joan ThirskFood in early modern England : phases, fads, fashions 1500 - 17602007E/72.5Thirsk
3771524483Elizabeth BurtonThe Elizabethans at home1973E/65.5Burton
3771624484A L RowseThe Elizabethan renaissance : the life of the society2000E/65.5Rowse,
3771724485Barbara WinchesterTudor family portrait1955E/65.5Winche
37720Ref - 24486Mark PageThe medieval marketplace at Bishop's Waltham / Hampshire Field Club & Archaeological Society News, 68 : Autumn2017E/65.4
37721Ref - 24486David AllenFocus on Fareham / Hampshire Field Club & Archaeological Society News, 68 : Autumn2017E/15
37722Ref - 24486Karen WardleyHampshire graffiti survey : progress report June 2017 / Hampshire Field Club & Archaeological Society News, 68 : Autumn2017B/01.5
3772324487produced by Richard HarrisThe Downland Gridshell (DVD)2004M/06Harris
3772424488Ralph FastnedgeEnglish furniture styles from 1500 to 18301955E/33.28Fastne
3772524489C F TebbuttThe wheelwrights' art in Huntingdonshire / The Transactions of The Cambridgeshire & Huntingdonshire Archaeological Society, VI. Part VIII1946E/33.23Tebbut
37727Ref - 10736David HarrisonDramatic plasterwork : fibrous plaster in theatres / Building Conservation Directory1999B/07.3
3772824490produced by Richard HarrisLivestock at the museum (DVD)2004M/06Harris
3772924491produced by Richard HarrisThe working horse stables (DVD)2004M/06Harris
3773024492produced by Richard HarrisTimber and woodland (DVD)2004M/06Harris
3773124493produced by Richard HarrisLurgashall watermill (DVD)2004M/06Harris
3773224494produced by Richard HarrisPainted brickwork (DVD)2004M/06Harris
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