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3757924376Diana ZeunerHeavy horses2004E/17.38Zeuner
3758324377Shirley ToulsonThe drovers1980E/35.1Toulso
3758424378Katharine BriggsBritish folk-tales and legends2002E/71.6Briggs
3758524379Steve PooleThe allotment chronicles2006E/17.47Poole,
3758624380Dominic MurphyThe playground potting shed2008E/17.46Murphy
3758724381Sarah FordFifty ways to kill a slug2003E/17.46Ford,
3758824382Peter BealesEdwardian roses1979E/07.1Beales
3758924383Peter BealesGeorgian and Regency roses1979E/07.1Beales
3759024384Peter BealesEarly Victorian roses1979E/07.1Beales
3759124385Arnold DarlingtonThe pocket encyclopedia of plant galls1975E/07.0Darlin
3759224386Jon TinkerThe world in a spadeful of earth1970E/07.6Tinker
3759324387Lawrence OgilvieDiseases of vegetables1969E/17.6Bullet
3759424388Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and FoodSoils and manures for fruit1969E/17.6Bullet
3759524389Tim SmitEden2001M/08Smit,
3759624390Peter Blackburne-MazeOrganic gardening : natural ways of growing fruit, vegetables and herbs1986E/17.46Blackb
3759724391Monty DonAround the world in 80 gardens2008E/17.9Don, M
3759824392Rosemary VereyGarden diary1992E/17.46Verey,
3759924393JJ JusserandEnglish wayfaring life in the middle ages1961E/65.4Jusser
3760024394Royal Botanic Gardens of KewA Vision of Eden : the life and work of Marianne North1980E/56North,
3760124395Colin HowlettHeligan wild : a year of nature in the lost gardens1999E/07.6Howlet
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