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3713224225Charles Butler, edited by John OwenThe feminine monarchie or the history of bees2017E/17.35Butler
37133Ref - 22990Dan BergsagelDisassembling Detroit : how deconstructing the post-industrial Rust Belt could give structural timber another life / Structural Engineer, 94 : 112016B/04.2
37134Ref - 22990Sebastian Kaminski et alStructural use of bamboo. Part 2 : durability and preservation / Structural Engineer, 94 : 102016B/05.9
37135Ref - 22990Sebastian Kaminski et alStructural use of bamboo. Part 3 : design values / Structural Engineer, 94 : 122016B/05.9
37141Ref - 24226Des CairnsChurches and change / Architectural Technology, Winter : 1202016/17B/26
3714424229Herbert L EdlinBroadleaves1968E/18Edlin,
3714520440Ruth TittensorBeehives of willow basketwork / The Basketmakers' Association Newsletter, 531990E/17.35Titten
3714612186A I J Van de WalleSome technical analogies between building and other crafts in the use of split wood during the middle ages / Chateau Gaillard: European Castle studies, III: conference at Battle, Sussex, 19-24 Sept 1966,1969B/05.2Van de
371473546Pam PerryBulmer Brick and Tile Company / Ceramic Review, 781982B/04.3Perry,
371488013R G MartinMathematical tiles in Sussex / ?, ??B/04.3Martin
371493751Herbert Cesinsky and Ernest R GribbleRoof structures / Early English Furniture and Woodwork. Vol.I1922B/05.61Cesins
371508294E A GeeThe chronology of crucks / Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society, 221977B/05.61Gee, E
37151Ref - 24228Bob EdwardsBarns : use, reuse and misconceptions / Building Conservation Directory2017B/23.2
37152Ref - 24228Adam BrownHot-mixed mortars : advantages and limitations / Building Conservation Directory2017B/04.6
37153Ref - 24228James SimpsonThe conservation of Britain's heritage in India / Building Conservation Directory2017B/09
37154Ref - 24228Alison Henry and Jim GlocklingThatch fires and the role of wood-burning stoves / Building Conservation Directory2017B/04.72
37155Ref - 24228Simon SwannArtificial stone : 19th-century cementitious sculpture and rockwork / Building Conservation Directory2017B/04.4
37156Ref - 24228Richard LoveDry stone walling in the 21st century / Building Conservation Directory2017B/08.3
37157Ref - 24228David Field and Adrian LeggeLead fixing for historic ironwork / Building Conservation Directory2017B/04.9
37158Ref - 24228Joe ThompsonThe conversion of structural timbers : recognising historical and modern techniques / Building Conservation Directory2017B/04.2
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