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3765524442Philip HoferThe universal penman engraved by George Bickham London 17431968E/76Bickha
3765724443Diana Campbell JewittDancing round the maypole : maypole and country dance instruction manual2004E/72.1Campbe
3765824444Nigel NicholsonThe National Trust book of great houses of Britain1978M/0Nichol
37670Ref - 24447Jacob ScottRochester cathedral graffiti / Kent Archaeological Society News, Summer : 1062017B/06.8
3767124448AL BeierThe problem of the poor in Tudor and early Stuart England1983E/65.5Beier
3767224449Moira Hook ; Arthur McGregorEngland under the Stuarts2003E/65.5Hook,
3767324450Keith WrightsonEarthly necessities : economic lives in early modern Britain 1470 - 17502002E/66.0Wright
3767424451Peter HammondFood and feast in medieval England2005E/65.4Hammon
3767524452Diane PurkissThe English civil war : a people's history2006E/65.5Purkis
3767624453Beatrice FontanelDaily life in art2006E/72.0Fontan
3767724454Roger HartEnglish life in Chaucer's day1973E/65.4Hart,
3767812248Marjorie FilbeeA woman's place1980E/72.0Filbee
3768024455Eamon DuffyMarking the hours : English people and their prayers 1240 - 15702006E/92Duffy,
3768124456Pamela HambrookCountry house brewing in England 1500 - 19001996E/72.5Hambro
3768224457A AbramEnglish life and manners in the middle ages1913E/72.0Abram,
3768324458Geraldine McCaughranThe Canterbury tales1984E/82McCaug
3768424459Stuart PeacheySingle women 1580 - 16601998E/66.0Peache
3768524460David LoadesElizabeth I : the golden reign of Gloriana2003E/58.1Loades
3768624461Michael St John ParkerBritain's kings and queens1990E/58.1Parker
3768724462Stephen SlaterThe history and meaning of heraldry : The complete book of heraldry2008E/58.4Slater
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