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366978393edited by Timothy CantellA brief for the countryside in the 21st century : the proceedings of the final conference in the Future Countryside Programme1990E/16.4Cantel
36703Ref - 24110Ian M BettsTin-glazed tiles in Surrey / Surrey Archaeological Collections, 992016B/07.5
36704Ref - 24110Anthony Mackinder and Ian M BettsThe Henry Doulton & Co Terra Cotta Works 1876-1956 : excavations at Hampton House, 20-21 Albert Embankment, Lambeth / Surrey Archaeological Collections, 992016B/05.5
36705Ref - 24110Clive OrtonPottery from the Whitehall garden, Cheam, and its place in the medieval Cheam whiteware industry / Surrey Archaeological Collections, 992016E/33.7
36706Ref - 24110Dennis Turner and Rob BriggsTesting transhumance : Anglo-Saxon swine pastures and seasonal grazing in the Surrey Weald / Surrey Archaeological Collections, 992016E/17.1
3670724111Gertrude JekyllOld English household life : some account of cottage objects and country folk1975E/72Jekyll
3670924112Bob CopperA song for every season1975E/79.2Copper
3671024113edited by S C KendallThe Sussex county book1938E/15Sussex
3671124114F J Drake-CarnellOld English customs and ceremonies1938E/71.0Drake-
36713Ref - 24115ContextHistory at our feet / Context, July : 1452016B/06.6
36714Ref - 24115Charles MynorsNew uses for churches and church halls / Context, July : 1452016B/26
36715Ref - 24115Robert HuxfordLessons from medieval settlements / Context, July : 1452016E/16.4
36717Ref - 24116Peter BellCaring for timber-framed buildings / Listed Heritage, July/Aug : 1072016B/10.2
36718Ref - 24116Francesca WealConversion of a derelict barn and stable block / Listed Heritage, July/Aug : 1072016B/23.9
36719Ref - 24116Listed HeritageHow your house used to be lit / Listed Heritage, July/Aug : 1072016B/07.9
36720Ref - 24116Listed HeritageTechnology and historic buildings - a happy relationship? / Listed Heritage, July/Aug : 1072016B/10
36721Ref - 24116Peter & Julie MitchellRenovation of Affcot Mill Cottage / Listed Heritage, July/Aug : 1072016B/10
36722Ref - 24116Gemma Wright"The Loveliest Castle in the World" undressed / Listed Heritage, July/Aug : 1072016B/07
36723Ref - 24116Listed HeritageThe garden city movement - a joyous union of town and country / Listed Heritage, July/Aug : 1072016B/29
36724Ref - 24116Peter BellA brief history of windows : Part 4 : 18th century windows / Listed Heritage, July/Aug : 1072016B/06.3
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