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3691014684E A GeeThe chronology of crucks / Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society, 221977B/05.61Gee, E
36911Ref - 20309Jacqueline SimpsonBoundaries for ghosts: a technique in folk exorcism / Folk Life, 452006/7E/71.6
3691214683E A GeeThe chronology of crucks / Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society, 221977B/05.2Gee, E
36913Ref - 20309John B SmithA bunch of customs : paying beverage, giving handsel, bending coins / Folk Life, 452006/7E/71.7
3691414679R A CordingleyBritish historical roof-types and their members : a classification / Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society New Series, 91961B/05.61Cordin
36915Ref - 18730Simon J BronnerHare coursing and the ethics of tradition / Folk Life, 462007-2008E/72.4
36916Ref - 18730Frank RennieHuman ecology and concepts of sustainable development in a crofting township / Folk Life, 462007-2008E/15
36918Ref - 18730Gwenllian M AwberyBiblical verses in Welsh commemorative inscriptions / Folk Life, 462007-2008E/64
36919Ref - 18730Neill MartinRitualised entry in seasonal and marriage custom / Folk Life, 462007-2008E/71.1
36920Ref - 18730Dennis R MillsRecording and interpreting moffreys / Folk Life, 462007-2008E/17.7
36921Ref - 18730Ian WhyteThe last English peasants? Lake District statesmen and yeoman farmers in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries: The example of Tom Rumney\\ / Folk Life, 462007-2008E/19.0
36922Ref - 18730John BurnettDrinking goats' whey: an eighteenth century cure in Scotland / Folk Life, 462007-2008E/73
36923Ref - 18730John B Smith'Granfer-Grig' and 'Fuzzy-Pig ': what Devonians call woodlice - and why / Folk Life, 462007-2008E/71.7
3692624171Elain Harwood and James O DaviesEngland's post-war listed buildings2015B/20Harwoo
3693224177Penelope HobhousePlants in garden history1994E/17.46Hobhou
36935Ref - 24178David AndrewsThe buildings of St Osyth Abbey / Essex Historic Buildings Group News, November : 82015B/26
36937Ref - 923E P KayPicking hops / Countryman, XLVIII : 11953E/17.48
36938Ref - 574F W T Attree and J H L BookerThe Sussex Colepepers. Part II / Sussex Archaeological Collections, XLVIII1905E/51
36939Ref - 10281Rances and David RamsdenBarn owls and hfbs / Historic Farm Buildings Group News, 101990E/07.4
36940Ref - 5936Current ArchaeologyAlice Holt / Current Archaeology, 641978E/61.0
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