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36859Ref - 24162Rory YoungThe seven martyrs at St Albans : notes on the preparation of the central niches in the pulpitum screen / Building Limes Forum Journal, 222015B/06.8
36860Ref - 24162Michael BeareBuilding commercially with lime mortar : justifying what we know will work - the engineering aspect / Building Limes Forum Journal, 222015B/05.7
36861Ref - 24162Britt-Alise HjelmelandSoft-burnt brick in exposed conditions : brick construction in Norwegian defensive buildings / Building Limes Forum Journal, 222015B/05.3
36862Ref - 24162Nigel Copsey and Ben GourleyHot-mixed lime mortars / Building Limes Forum Journal, 222015B/05.7
36866Ref - 8188Edward HartConcern for the Cleveland Bay / Ark, XIX : 11992E/17.38
368682130Maurice BarleyHouses and history : the fifth Beatrice de Cardi lecture 1980 / Council for British Archaeology Annual Report, 311980B/01.0Barley
3686919258J T SmithThe concept of diffusion in its application to vernacular building / Studies in Folk Life : Essays in Honour of I C Peate1969B/01.3Smith,
3687014631Colin A GreshamGavelkind and the Unit System / The Archaeological Journal, CXXVIII1972B/02Gresha
36873Ref - 11927Simon MaysThe health of the elderly at medieval Wharram Percy / English Heritage Science & Technology Supplement, 31994E/65.4
36874Ref - 11927Ian Hume and Gerry GirdlerTo underpin or not to underpin? / English Heritage Science & Technology Supplement, 31994B/10
36875Ref - 11927Umberto Albarella and Simon DavisAnimal bones from Launceston Castle / English Heritage Science & Technology Supplement, 31994E/72.5
36877Ref - 15396John Burnett, Katherine Mercer and Anita QuyeThe practice of dyeing wool in Scotland c.1790-c.1840 / Folk Life, 422003 / 2004E/74
36878Ref - 19843P V Addyman and D Leigh and M J HughesAnglo-Saxon houses at Chalton, Hampshire / Medieval Archaeology, XVI1972B/21
36879Ref - 9787L S DaveyLewes by gaslight - 150th anniversary / Sussex Life, 8 : 121972E/32.1
3688020455Nat AlcockThe distribution and dating of Wealden houses / Vernacular Architecture, 412010B/03.2Alcock
3688320363R W BrunskillDistribution of building materials and some plan types in the domestic vernacular architecture of England and Wales / Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society, 231978-79B/05.0Brunsk
36886Ref - 24167Tim HowsonWater Hall, Little Baddow / Essex Historic Buildings Group News, November : 82016B/22
3688724168Victor Chinnery et al'Names for Things' : a description of household stuff, furniture and interiors 1500-17002016E/72Chinne
36888Ref - 15396J B SmithLying for the whetstone : a saying and its links with folk life and tradition / Folk Life, 422003/2004E/71.6
36889Ref - 15396John H EdwardsTextile dyeing through the ages / Folk Life, 422003/2004E/33.51
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