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36668Ref - 24091Sarah Scannel, Mike Lawrence, Pete WalkerAnalysis of the impact of calcitic aggregates on the properties of air-lime mortar / Building Limes Forum Journal, 232016B/05.7
36669Ref - 24091Anne SchmidtUse of lime in Germany / Building Limes Forum Journal, 232016B/05.7
36670Ref - 24091Chris PennockNidaros cathedral : restoration of the King's Entrance / Building Limes Forum Journal, 232016B/10
36671Ref - 7461Tony HerbertRelearning geometry : the Victorian fashion for geometric floor tiles taking shape once again / Traditional Homes, 6 : 8 May1990B/06.6
36673Ref - 24092Kathryn BoehmThe return of the pickers / Rural History Today, 312016E/66.3
36674Ref - 24092Gavin BowieGrain milling in England in the Anglo-Saxon period / Rural History Today, 312016B/24.3
36675Ref - 24092The brown rat / Rural History Today, 312016B/23
3667624093collected by Edmund H GarrettElizabethan songs in honour of love and beautie1891E/79Garret
3667724094edited by Charles HolmeArt in England during the Elizabethan and Stuart periods1908E/76Holme,
36678Ref - 13358Kim LeslieLocal history through documents : Part 3 : tithe maps / WDOAM Magazine, Autumn : 81976E/64
36680Ref - 13365Chris ZeunerMilton Street dovecote / WDOAM Magazine, 151980B/23.4
36681Ref - 13365Alan GodfreyExperiments with daub / WDOAM Magazine, 151980B/05.5
36683Ref - 24095Stephen CousinsHome grown / Architectural Technology, Summer : 1142015B/05.2
36690Ref - 24101Julian EvansPlanting a woodland / Permaculture, 85 : Autumn2015E/18
36691Ref - 24101Richard WebbCreating a wildflower meadow / Permaculture, 85 : Autumn2015E/17.37
36696Ref - 17719Margaret LyleRegional agricultural wage variations in early nineteenth-century England / The Agricultural History Review, 55 : Part I2007E/66.6
366978393edited by Timothy CantellA brief for the countryside in the 21st century : the proceedings of the final conference in the Future Countryside Programme1990E/16.4Cantel
36703Ref - 24110Ian M BettsTin-glazed tiles in Surrey / Surrey Archaeological Collections, 992016B/07.5
36704Ref - 24110Anthony Mackinder and Ian M BettsThe Henry Doulton & Co Terra Cotta Works 1876-1956 : excavations at Hampton House, 20-21 Albert Embankment, Lambeth / Surrey Archaeological Collections, 992016B/05.5
36705Ref - 24110Clive OrtonPottery from the Whitehall garden, Cheam, and its place in the medieval Cheam whiteware industry / Surrey Archaeological Collections, 992016E/33.7
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