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36590Ref - 24059Richard WoodhouseLectures : wall paintings in Reigate and Fittleworth, by Danae Tankard / DBRG News, June2016B/07.4
36591Ref - 24059Caroline FrisbyVisits : Newdigate village walk / DBRG News, June2016E/15
3659322252Derrick PrattThe medieval watermills of Wrexham / Transactions of the Denbighshire Historical Society, 13 (1964)1991B/24.3Wales/
3659422291John KerrWater mills of Atholl / The Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness, LV1990B/24.3Scotla
3659524060Southdown Sheep SocietySouthdown Sheep Society 125th anniversary : national show Saturday August 6th + service of thanksgiving Sunday August 7th 20162016E/17.33Southd
36596Ref - 2956The ArkSoay sheep / Ark, II : 111975E/17.33
36597Ref - 6908Grith LercheInvestigations in Danish farm-buildings / Scottish Vernacular Building Group News, 41978B/23
36599Ref - 24061Listed HeritageStalisfield School House / Listed Heritage, March/April : 1052016B/01.3
36600Ref - 24061Peter BellHouse histories : reading the clues / Listed Heritage, March/April : 1052016B/03.2
36601Ref - 24061Naomi ScottStained glass : understanding and conserving / Listed Heritage, March/April : 1052016B/06.3
36602Ref - 24061Listed HeritageStained glass : conservation in action / Listed Heritage, March/April : 1052016B/10.9
36603Ref - 24061Sebastian WakefieldWood graining and traditional architecture / Listed Heritage, March/April : 1052016B/07.4
36604Ref - 24061Jenny ChesherReviving Clerks Cottage / Listed Heritage, March/April : 1052016B/10
36605Ref - 24061Listed HeritageA brief history of windows : Part 2 : medieval windows / Listed Heritage, March/April : 1052016B/06.3
3660924063Graham WellsteadThe ferret and ferreting guide1981E/17.6Wellst
3661024064Hubert SnowdonKeep faith with the soil2001E/17.1Snowdo
3661124065Coats Sewing Group100 embroidery stitches1962E/33.52Coats
3661224066Aldred F Barker and E PriestleyWool carding and combing : with notes on sheep breeding and wool growing1912E/33.51Barker
3661324067K J BonserThe drovers : who they were and how they went : an epic of the English countryside1970E/17.30Bonser
3661424068Lord ErnleEnglish farming past and present1927E/17.1Ernle
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