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36508Ref - 24041Sherry BatesPre- and post-industrial revolution building construction and conservation / Association for Studies in the Conservation of Historic Buildings Transactions, 382015B/10.0
36509Ref - 24041John RobertsonRestoration of Bush House and Melbourne House, Aldwych, London / Association for Studies in the Conservation of Historic Buildings Transactions, 382015B/10.0
36523Ref - 24054John DarlingtonTo restore or not to restore? / Historic Churches, 232016B/10
36524Ref - 24054Trevor CooperThe future of England's rural parish churches / Historic Churches, 232016B/26
36525Ref - 24054Sharman KadishAre Britain's historic synagogues at risk? / Historic Churches, 232016B/26
36526Ref - 24054Tom Morton, Nigel Copsey and Rebecca LittleEarth mortars / Historic Churches, 232016B/05.7
36527Ref - 24054Sally BadhamMonumental brasses / Historic Churches, 232016B/07.1
36528Ref - 24054Oliver Caroe and Liz HumbleComission by competition : Ripon cathedral's new gargoyles / Historic Churches, 232016B/05.4
36529Ref - 24054Martin CrampinMedieval stained glass in North Wales and its treatment in the 19th century / Historic Churches, 232016B/06.3
36530Ref - 24054Kalypso KampaniMosaic conservation at the Royal Garrison Church of St George / Historic Churches, 232016B/07.5
36531Ref - 24054Marion Barter, Ingrid Greenhow and Lindon MoncktonQuaker meeting houses in Britain / Historic Churches, 232016B/26
36532Ref - 24053Ron MartinConcrete roof tiles / Sussex Industrial Archaeology Society News, July : 1712016B/05.62
36533Ref - 24052Justin BriceA conundrum at Cottage Hill, Rotherfield / Sussex Mills Group News, July : 1712016B/24.2
36534Ref - 24048Elphin WatkinHow many oak trees to build Bayleaf farmhouse? By Joe Thompson : report of meeting / Essex Historic Buildings Group News, July : 52016B/05.2
3653724055Mills Section, SPABPrinciples and practice in windmill repair2006B/24.9SPAB
3653811424edited by Jason WoodBuilding on recording : the analysis and interpretation of buildings / The Field Archaeologist, 16 : January1992B/03Wood,
3654016107M C Phillips and R E WilsonWater mills in East Devon, Part IV - VII / Devon and Cornwall Notes and Queries1975-7B/24.3Devon/
36542Ref - 24056Bill FergiePamber Priory Farmhouse, Monk Sherborne : an important transitional house / Hampshire Field Club & Archaeological Society News, 662016B/05.2
36543Ref - 24056David ChunA nineteenth-century boundary stone at Botley / Hampshire Field Club & Archaeological Society News, 662016B/08.3
36544Ref - 24056Malcolm WalfordIrrigated water-meadows on the Lavant / Hampshire Field Club & Archaeological Society News, 662016E/16.3
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