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36251Ref - 23977Stephen MilesonPeople and houses in south Oxfordshire, 1300-1650 / Vernacular Architecture, 462015E/65.4
36252Ref - 23977Joan GrundyDairy cattle housing in Lancashire, seventeenth to twenty-first centuries / Vernacular Architecture, 462015B/23.3
36253Ref - 23977David Stocker et alLincolnshire's Middle Trent Valley : the building stock before enclosure : the case of Manor Farm House, Thorpe-on-the-Hill / Vernacular Architecture, 462015B/01.3
36254Ref - 23977Peter VarlowFrom trees to timbers : a comparative study of timber quantities in houses / Vernacular Architecture, 462015B/05.2
36255Ref - 23977David Prior88 Great Whyte, Ramsey, Cambridgeshire : the discovery of a medieval open hall and the dating of carpentry techniques in a fenland town / Vernacular Architecture, 462015B/05.2
3625623978edited by John M L BookerThe Wiston archives : a catalogue1975E/64Booker
36261Ref - 23981Richard and Pamela SavageAlexander Raby and Downside Mill : a new naval connection? / Surrey Archaeological Society Bulletin, June : 4562016B/24.7
36262Ref - 23976Arthur MeeNothing like leather / The children's encyclopedia : Volumes 1-101920s?E/33.6
36263Ref - 22990Gregorry Garson66 Queen Square, Bristol : fusing new and old / Structural Engineer, 94 : 4 April2016B/10
36264Ref - 22990Ed MortonConservation compendium : Part 16 : the monitoring of movement in historic buildings and structures / Structural Engineer, 94 : 4 April2016B/10
36265Ref - 18078Edward Boys EllmanDress of the period / Recollections of a Sussex parson1925E/74
36266Ref - 18078Edward Boys EllmanBy coach : old coaching days / Recollections of a Sussex parson1925E/35.1
36267Ref - 18078Edward Boys EllmanChurch life in Sussex early in the nineteenth century / Recollections of a Sussex parson1925E/26
36268Ref - 18078Edward Boys EllmanChurch decorations / Recollections of a Sussex parson1925E/71.2
36269Ref - 18078Edward Boys EllmanChurch music / Recollections of a Sussex parson1925E/79
36270Ref - 18078Edward Boys EllmanPoor Law / Recollections of a Sussex parson1925E/24
36271Ref - 23976Arthur MeeThe bread by which we live / The children's encyclopedia : Volumes 1-101920s?E/37.5
36272Ref - 22990James MillerConservation compendium : Part 17 : filter-joist floors -development, capacity and typical defects / Structural Engineer, 94 : 5 May2016B/06.6
36274Ref - 23976Arthur MeeThe useful vegatables / The children's encyclopedia : Volumes 1-101920s?E/17.0
36275Ref - 23976Arthur MeeMeat as food / The children's encyclopedia : Volumes 1-101920s?E/16.0
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