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36227Ref - 10084Roy BrigdenA story of Burbage Wharf / Folk Life, 311992-93E/35.4
362283246edited by S G Blaxland Stubbs et alThe encyclopedia of plumbing, heating & sanitary engineering Volume 1WCPStubbs
36230Ref - 10084Roy VickeryNettles : their uses and folklore in the British Isles / Folk Life, 311992-93E/71.0
3623123970Charles F MitchellBuilding construction and drawing1902B/05.0Mitche
3623223971edited by David VaisayThe diary of Thomas Turner 1754-17651984E/56Turner
3623323972Barbara HuttonBuildings as evidence : a history of the study of vernacular architecture1991B/01.3Hutton
3623423973edited by A H Winterburnand W T HughesBuilding construction?B/05.0Winter
3623523974A H WinterburnSanitationB/07.7Winter
36236Ref - 10085David EveleighCooking pots and old curios : the posnet and skillet / Folk Life, 321993-94E/72.0
3623723975The Landmark TrustThe Landmark handbook2006B/10.0Landma
36238Ref - 10085Bernard CottonRichard Hugh Kaighin : joiner, furniture-maker and crofter, 1864-1945 / Folk Life, 321993-94E/33.28
36239Ref - 10085R J Moore-ColyerOn the ritual burial of horses in Britain / Folk Life, 321993-94E/17.38
36240Ref - 10085Linda BallardFolk art and the validity of revival : a contemporary example / Folk Life, 321993-94E/76
36241Ref - 10085Caroline EarwoodEthnography in eastern Europe : peasant crafts / Folk Life, 321993-94E/33.0
36242Ref - 10085Robin GwyndafWelsh tradition-bearers : guidelines for the study of world-view / Folk Life, 321993-94E/71.6
3624323976edited by Arthur MeeThe children's encyclopedia : Volumes 1-101920s?E/01Mee, A
36245Ref - 19874The Earl of CranbrookThe structure of Suffolk villages / Suffolk Review, 4 : 11971B/29
36247Ref - 19874Derek CharmanUbbeston Hall in Stonham Aspel / Suffolk Review, 4 : 11971B/22
362486170P M G EdenVernacular architecture / Leicester and its region1972B/01.3Eden,
36250Ref - 23977John BroadMaking sense of detached kitchens : the implications of documentary evidence from seventeenth-century Wiltshire / Vernacular Architecture, 462015B/06.9
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