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36203Ref - 8328Jill BettsThe devon splint basket / Folk Life, 301991-92E/17.7
36204Ref - 8328Emmanuel CooperThe peoples' art / Folk Life, 301991-92E/79
36205Ref - 8328Caroline MacafeeAcumsinery : is it too late to collect traditional dialect? / Folk Life, 301991-92E/81
36206Ref - 14659E W O'SheaThe round house, Ashcombe : a technical note / Sussex Industrial History, 131983B/23
36207Ref - 14659Worth SchoolAn early private estate water supply (Worth Priory) / Sussex Industrial History, 131983B/07.7
36208Ref - 14659J G WoodruffHistory of St.Pancras engineering works, Chichester / Sussex Industrial History, 131983E/36
36209Ref - 14663Molly BeswickBricks for the martello towers in Sussex / Sussex Industrial History, 171987B/05.3
36210Ref - 9441John GentThe picture postcard and the history of Surrey / Surrey History, II : 31981/82E/64
36211Ref - 3430P.A.J.The earlier history of Egdean church / The Petworth Society Bulletin, 201980B/26
362146192J W TonkinNo.3, High Street, Hereford / Woolhope Transactions, XXXVIII Part I1964B/01.3Tonkin
362162175Wiliam A SingletonTraditional house-types in rural Lancashire and Cheshire / The Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire, 1041952B/22North
36218Ref - 8328Beth ThomasHere today, gone tomorrow? Language and dialect in a Welsh community / Folk Life, 301991-92E/81
36219Ref - 10084Brian LoughbroughThe experience of places and people / Folk Life, 311992-93E/26
36220Ref - 10084Margaret H KingA partnership of equals : women in Scottish east coast fishing communities / Folk Life, 311992-93E/17.5
36221Ref - 10084Jeffrey J DentAspects of change evolution and revolution in weights and measures / Folk Life, 311992-93E/71.8
36222Ref - 10084Linda BallardIrish lace : tradition or commodity? / Folk Life, 311992-93E/74
36223Ref - 10084Martyn BrownMuseums in rural areas / Folk Life, 311992-93M/01
36224Ref - 10084George MongerRural community centres : indicators of social and cultural change / Folk Life, 311992-93E/66.7
3622523969Roy BrigdenPloughs and ploughing1984E/17.7Brigde
362263247edited by S G Blaxland Stubbs et alThe encyclopedia of plumbing, heating & sanitary engineering Volume 2WCPStubbs
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