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36382Ref - 11941Emma LileWomen and sport : female student athletes at the University College of Wales Aberystwyth, c. 1880-1914 / Folk Life, 371998-99E/72.4
36383Ref - 11941Veronica MainCorn dollies : searching for the seed of truth / Folk Life, 371998-99E/33.4
36384Ref - 11941Margaret Fisher and David Viner'Go thou and do likewise' : the Ebington Friendly Society (1856-1920) and its banners / Folk Life, 371998-99E/92.0
36385Ref - 11941Trevor ParkhillEmigration and the great famine : the Ulster experience / Folk Life, 371998-99E/66.8
36386Ref - 11941J B Smith'Pot-lid' and 'Jack in the cellar' : the unborn child in saying and artefact / Folk Life, 371998-99E/71.1
36387Ref - 13284Ann-Rachael Harwood and David VinerMoving to Northleach : the Lloyd-Baker collection of Gloucestershire agricultural society / Folk Life, 312000-2001M/03
36388Ref - 13284Andrew MackayMy roots? Why and how should we make rural life museums more relevant to our visitors? / Folk Life, 312000-2001M/03
36389Ref - 13284Linda-May BallardThomas Cecil, the compleat islandman? In fond memory of Thomas Cecil, Rathlin Island, 1946-1996 / Folk Life, 312000-2001E/56
36390Ref - 13284Robin GwyndafMemory in action : narration, communication and the repertoire of a passive tradition-bearer / Folk Life, 312000-2001E/81
36391Ref - 13284Alan GruffyddAnglesey : tracing the agricultural origins / Folk Life, 312000-2001E/17.1
36392Ref - 13284Veronica Main'We are born in straw' : straw plaiting and hat making in Transylvania / Folk Life, 3a2000-2001E/33.55
36394Ref - 13284Catherine WilsonObituary : Christopher Stephan Hugh Zeuner, OBE MA FMA, 1945-2001 / Folk Life, 312000-2001E/51
36395Ref - 14202Hugh CheapeFor the betterment of mankind : Scotland, the enlightenment and the agricultural revolution / Folk Life, 402001 / 2002E/17.1
3639618834Derek CashCollege of men and women of the trees : Hooke Park feature / The Western Gazette, 4th January1990E/33.28Cash,
36397Ref - 14202Heather HolmesScottish agricultural newspapers and journals and the industrialisation of agriculture 1800-1880 / Folk Life, 402001 / 2002E/17.1
36398Ref - 14202John BurnettFrom the byre to the bacteriologist : the milk supply of an industrial city / Folk Life, 402001 / 2002E/17.32
36399Ref - 14202Michael McCaughanSymbolism of ships and the sea : from ship of the church to gospel trawler / Folk Life, 402001 / 2002E/71.6
3640018835AJ FocusWoodland shell / AJ Focus, May1989B/05.2AJ
36401Ref - 14202Dawn KempThe first Scottish International aviation meeting / Folk Life, 402001 / 2002E/35.0
3640218832Louise WilsonHooke Park : a working landscape / Landscape Design, No.187 February1990B/05.2Wilson
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