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36180Ref - 9479W G HoskinsHarvest fluctuations and English economic history, 1480-1619 / The Agricultural History Review, XII Part I1964E/66.3
36181Ref - 9480M L RyderThe history of sheep breeds in Britain (continued) / The Agricultural History Review, XII Part II1964E/17.33
3618423966edited by Richard HarrisWeald and Downland Open Air Museum Guide Book2015M/06WDOAM
36185Ref - 7109Andrew SimWeald and downland : the varied vernacular buildings of the southeast of England / Traditional Homes, 6 : 11989B/01.3
3618723968edited by Ruth BirdThe journal of Giles Moore 1656-16791971E/51Moore/
36188Ref - 7605Howard W MarshallThe British Isles single-cell house in the American cultural landscape / Folk Life, 281989-90B/22
36189Ref - 7605Fionnuala WilliamsAn Irish threshing proverb / Folk Life, 281989-90E/71.7
36190Ref - 7605S Minwel TibbottGoing electric : the changing face of the rural kitchen in Wales 1945-55 / Folk Life, 281989-90E/72.5
36191Ref - 7605Asa LjungstromCraft artefacts : keys to the past / Folk Life, 281989-90E/72.0
36192Ref - 23967Terrence Paul SmithRoman roofing / British Brick Society Information, May : 1332016B/05.6
36193Ref - 23967 by Gareth Daws and Peter HobbsBrick building in Kent : the evidence from Old St. Albans Court, Nonington / British Brick Society Information, May : 1332016B/05.3
36194Ref - 23967Derek BarkerWhat can you learn from bits of Bradford brick? / British Brick Society Information, May : 1332016B/05.3
36195Ref - 10083David J EveleighThe English tradition of open-fire roasting / Folk Life, 291990-91E/72.5
36196Ref - 10083Vivienne PollockCo. Down herring girls and the herring curing industry / Folk Life, 291990-91E/72.5
36197Ref - 10083J Williams-DaviesThe travelling cidermaker / Folk Life, 291990-91E/72.5
36198Ref - 10083J B SmithMud-shoes, mud sledges and reduced equipment in southern England / Folk Life, 291990-91E/17.7
36199Ref - 10083P NolanDeath is a family affair / Folk Life, 291990-91E/71.1
36200Ref - 10083R Moore-ColyerBlacksmiths, farriers and horses in Wales / Folk Life, 291990-91E/17.38
36201Ref - 8328Christine FaulknerHops and hop pickers of the Midlands / Folk Life, 301991-92E/17.48
36202Ref - 8328Eldbjorg FossgardFarming women and technology / Folk Life, 301991-92E/17.0
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