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36160Ref - 6491Gwyn JenkinsFelt hat making in Ceredigion / Folk Life, 261987-88E/74
36161Ref - 6491Breandan S Mac AodhaSome penal era place-names in north west Ireland / Folk Life, 261987-88E/64
36162Ref - 6491Robin GwyndafThe Welsh folk narrative tradition: continuity and adaptation / Folk Life, 261987-88E/71.6
36163Ref - 6491John B SmithThatchers' "owls" / Folk Life, 261987-88E/17.7
36164Ref - 7556John B SmithChew-hallaw and buckalee : a comparative study of some bird-scaring and herding rhymes / Folk Life, 271988-89E/79.2
36165Ref - 7556Peter W NolanFolk medicine in rural Ireland / Folk Life, 271988-89E/73
36166Ref - 23041Mark BaileyThe transformation of customary tenures in southern England c1350 - 1500 / The Agricultural History Review, 62 : Part III2014E/16.4
36167Ref - 7556Gerallt D NashUp at dawn : the experimental erection of a squatter's cabin / Folk Life, 271988-89B/22
36168Ref - 23041John ChapmanWinners and losers : who gained from land auctions at parliamentary enclosures in England / The Agricultural History Review, 62 : Part III2014E/16.4
36169Ref - 7556Larch S GarrardThe making and use of rag rugs in the Isle of Man / Folk Life, 271988-89E/33.5
36170Ref - 7556J Geoffrey DentThe pound weight and the pound sterling : .the relationship between wieght and coinage and its consequences / Folk Life, 271988-89E/71.8
36171Ref - 7556Kate MasonLaithes : the barns of Craven / Folk Life, 271988-89B/23.2
36172Ref - 7556Juliette M WoodClassifying folk narrative using the type-motif method: a case study on Welsh materials / Folk Life, 271988-89E/71
36173Ref - 21190H J CampbellGenetics and farming / Farm, I : III1950E/17.32
36174Ref - 21193S J WrightPloughing / Farm, II : V1952E/17.7
36175Ref - 21193William CoverGrain drying on the farm / Farm, II : V1952E/17.37
36176Ref - 21194A N WordenFeeding behaviour / Farm, II : VI1952E/17.32
3617723965Stefan BuczackiFauna Britannica2002E/07.4Buczac
36178Ref - 9474R A ButlinSomer terms used in agrarian history / The Agricultural History Review, IX : Part II1961E/17.1
36179Ref - 9513John E Archer'A fiendish outrage'? A study of animal maiming in East Anglia : 1830-1870 / The Agricultural History Review, 33 Part II1985E/65.6
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