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36084Ref - 10082Peter RushtonThe testament of gifts : marriage tokens and disputed contracts in north-east Englnd, 1560-1630 / Folk Life, 241985-86E/71.1
36085Ref - 6485Traditional Home RepairsPlasterwork : laths & keys / Traditional Home Repairs1986B/07.3
36086Ref - 10082S Minwell TibbottLiberality and hospitality : food & communication in Wales / Folk Life, 241985-86E/72.5
36087Ref - 6485Traditional Home RepairsPlumbing and heating : pipework & drainage / Traditional Home Repairs1986B/07.7
36088Ref - 10082P R NewmanThe flail, the harvest and rural life / Folk Life, 241985-86E/17.7
36090Ref - 10082Patrick MacmonaglePoteen : elixir vitae hibernicae / Folk Life, 241985-86E/72.5
36091Ref - 10082J SmithThe hireling / Folk Life, 241985-86E/56
36092Ref - 10082J G DelaneyCutting the worm's knot / Folk Life, 241985-86E/71.6
36093Ref - 10081Eva Crane and Penelope WalkerEvidence on Welsh bee-keeping in the past / Folk Life, 231984-85E/17.35
36095Ref - 10081David J NorthThe one-way plough in south-eastern England / Folk Life, 231984-85E/17.7
36096Ref - 10081James G DelaneyA year-and-a-half : training horses in counties Roscommon and Longford / Folk Life, 231984-85E/17.38
36097Ref - 10081Elwyn DaviesHafod and lluest : the summering of cattle and upland settlement in Wales / Folk Life, 231984-85E/17.32
36098Ref - 10081Warren E RobertsTombstones in Scotland and Indiana / Folk Life, 231984-85E/71.1
36099Ref - 10081J Geoffrey DentFish spears and eel glaives / Folk Life, 231984-85E/17.5
36100Ref - 22431Oliver CoxArundel Castle as a 'palladium of English liberty' / Georgian Group Journal, XXI2013B/22
36102Ref - 7631D Durst & M ManningGunton saw mill / Norfolk Industrial Archaeology Society Journal, 4 : 31988B/24.3
36104Ref - 19874David Penrose and Peter HillThe houses of Stonham Aspal : a survey / Suffolk Review, 4 : 11971B/01.3
3610523957Claes Wahloo et alGuide to Kulturen : Lund and Ostarp, Drotten Archaeological Museum, the Tegner Museum, Borgeby Castle, Bosjokloster Mill2003M/08Sweden
361262586edited by Joachim HaehnelBeitrage zur Hausforschung [Contributions to house research]1975B/01.0Haehne
361272585Arbeitskreis fur HausforschungBericht uber die Tagung des Arbeitskreises fur Hausforschung [Report on the Meeting of the Group for House Research] in Bentheim-Zwolle September 19721972B/01.0Arbeit
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