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3581723852Gamini SalgadoThe Elizabethan underworld2006E/65.5Salgad
35818Ref - 542communicated by Thos. HonywoodThe punishment of pressing to death at Horsham, in 1735 / Sussex Archaeological Collections, XIX1867E/24
3581923853Penelope ByrdeJane Austen fashion : fashion and needlework in the works of Jane Austen2008E/74Byrde,
3582023854Peter JerromeTread lightly here : an affectionate look at Petworth's ancient streets1990E/15Sussex
3582123855Bernard PriceBygone Chichester1975E/15Sussex
3582223856Annabelle HughesHorsham houses : a study of early buildings in a market town1986B/22Sussex
3582323857Asa BriggsA social history of England1983E/66.0Briggs
3582423858Leslie SysonThe watermills of Britain1980B/24.3Syson,
3582523859Peter BrandonThe Kent & Sussex Weald2003E/15Englan
3582623860Fernand BraudelCivilization and capitalism : 15th-18th century. Volume I : the structures of everyday life : the limits of the possible1981E/66.0Braude
3582823861David VinerWagons and carts2008E/33.25Viner,
3582923862Arthur IngramDairying bygones1977E/72.5Ingram
3583123864R W BrunskillBrick building in Britain1990B/05.3Brunsk
3583223865John Julius NorwichThe architecture of southern England1985B/01.0Norwic
3583323866Robert CopelandBlue and white transfer-printed pottery2000E/33.7Copela
3583423867Maggie HallSmocks1979E/74Hall,
3583523868L F SalzmanBuilding in England down to 1540 : a documentary history1967B/02.1Salzma
35839Ref - 12450Tony RobinsonStrictly for the birds : a note on dovecote nest boxes / Yorkshire Buildings, 282000B/23.4
35840Ref - 12450Alison Armstrong and Arnold PaceyCruck buildings in the central Pennines / Yorkshire Buildings, 282000B/05.2
35841Ref - 12450Lorraine MoorDating timber framed buildings / Yorkshire Buildings, 282000B/03.1
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