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3577023823Christina StapleyHerb sufficient1998E/17.46Staple
3577223824Christina StapleyHerbwise naturally2000E/17.46Staple
3577323825Charles H HaywardEnglish period furniture1982E/33.28Haywar
35774Ref - 22990Andy Downey and Mark RenshawA timber roof for a new swimming pool at Alfriston School, Buckinghamshire / Structural Engineer, 93 : 12 December2015B/05.61
35775Ref - 22990James MillerConservation compendium: Part 13 : common repairs and strenthening of structural timbers in historic buildings / Structural Engineer, 93 : 12 December2015B/09
35776Ref - 22990Charles Blackett-OrdConservation compendium: Part 14 : Dunston Staiths - a case study in timber conservation and repair / Structural Engineer, 94 : 1 January2016B/09
3577723826Juliette de Bairacli LevyWanderers in the New Forest1958E/11Levy,
3577823827Richard WilliamsonThe great yew forest : the natural history of Kingley Vale1978E/07.0Willia
35780Ref - 23828Danae TankardThe medieval house from Sole Street / WDOAM Magazine, Spring2016B/22
35781Ref - 23828Joe ThompsonSole Street on the move again / WDOAM Magazine, Spring2016B/09
35782Ref - 23828Joe ThompsonDismantling Pallingham Quay / WDOAM Magazine, Spring2016B/09
35783Ref - 23828Joe ThompsonTo China and back with 'Carpentiers without Borders' / WDOAM Magazine, Spring2016E/33.2
3578423829Rosemary O'DayThe Longman companion to the Tudor age1995E/65.5O'Day,
3578523830D M PalliserThe age of Elizabeth : England under the later Tudors 1547 - 16031992E/66.0Pallis
3578623831Leyser HenriettaMedieval women : a social history of women in England 450-15001996E/65.4Leyser
3578723832Hans van LemmenDelftware tiles1998B/07.5van Le
3578823833 Ben DarbyJourney through the Weald1986E/15Englan
35789Ref - 22990Tim RyanConservation compendium : part 15 : use of lime in historic masonry construction in the UK and Ireland / Structural Engineer, 94 : 22011-16B/04.6
3579023834 Anthony PassmoreVerderers in the New Forest : a history of the New Forest 1877 1977E/15Hampsh
3579123835Norman WyattAn ever-rolling stream1993E/15Sussex
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