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3586423878Mike Atherton et alIt's a small world; Grey Fergies; On the roll; Cheaper in pairs; 110 years of steam : 701995E/17.7Steam
3586523879Alan Thomas et al40 years in Bloxham's best; 1993 Old Glory steam festival : 431993E/17.7Steam
358678796J J G Saunders & SonsJ J G Saunders & Sons, Brighton : general catalogueB/07.0Saunde
35868Ref - 5662F H W GreenField under-drainage before and after 1940 / The Agricultural History Review, 28 : Part II1980E/11
35869Ref - 9501Martin SprayHolly as fodder in England / The Agricultural History Review, 29 : Part II1981E/17.3
35870Ref - 9501G E FussellThe origin of farming / The Agricultural History Review, 29 : Part II1981E/17.0
35871Ref - 9501Christopher ClayLifeleasehold in the western counties of England / The Agricultural History Review, 29 : Part II1981E/17.0
3587223880Edited by John WarrenWealden buildings : studies in the timber-framed tradition of building in Kent, Sussex and Surrey in tribute to R.T. Mason FSA1990B/01.3Warren
3587323881Derek HudsonPotter's Museum : the taxidermist of BramberM/08Sussex
3587423882Peter JerromeSo sweet as the phlox is : the diary of Florence Rapley 1909-19121993E/15Sussex
35875Ref - 6954P C Lim et alSwanton Mill, Mersham / Traditional Kent buildings No.11980B/24.3
35876Ref - 6954Ken Mackay and Duncan StuartDovecote, Burnt House Farm, Chartham / Traditional Kent buildings No.11980B/23.4
35877Ref - 6954Y T WongOast house, Brook / Traditional Kent buildings No.11980B/23.5
35878Ref - 6954Maurice Ashenden-BaxCopton Manor, Faversham / Traditional Kent buildings No.11980B/22
35879Ref - 6954Frank E BrownAisled timber barns in east Kent / Traditional Kent buildings No.11980B/23.2
35880Ref - 3120Simon Beck et alHode Farm, Patrixbourne / Traditional Kent buildings No.21981B/23
35881Ref - 3120Tim Snow and Y T WongUpper Hardres barn / Traditional Kent buildings No.21981B/23.2
35882Ref - 3120Anthony Edwards and Andre WittichWarehouse or abbey? / Traditional Kent buildings No.21981B/01.3
35883Ref - 3120Simon BeckFour granaries / Traditional Kent buildings No.21981B/23.2
35884Ref - 3120David HayesSome hall house plans in east Kent / Traditional Kent buildings No.21981B/01.3
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