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35661Ref - 6743Donald R RaweHurling a tradition / Countryman, 93 : 11988E/72.4
35662Ref - 6743Robert DrakeA giant in the forest / Countryman, 93 : 11988E/17.38
35665Ref - 971Michael L RyderUnravelling the evidence : scraps of ancient cloth and the clues they provide to evolution in sheep / Countryman, 74 : 11970E/17.33
35669Ref - 7447John H BishopSingleton church tower / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1271989B/26
3567014621the late E W HoldenSlate roofing in medieval Sussex : a reappraisal / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1271989B/04.74Holden
35671Ref - 7447Brian G AwtyParson Levett and English cannon founding / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1271989E/33.37
35672Ref - 7447Curtis Charles BreightCaressing the great : Viscount Montague's entertainment of Elizabeth at Cowdray, 1591 / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1271989E/65.5
35673Ref - 7447Graham MayhewOrder, disorder and popular protest in early modern Rye / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1271989E/65.5
35675Ref - 7447Michael RayWho were the Brunswick Town Commissioners? A study of a Victorian urban ruling elite 1830-1873 / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1271989E/65.6
35676Ref - 7447Alison KellyCoade stone at Worthing and Lewes / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1271989B/04.4
35677Ref - 7447the late E W HoldenWest Blatchington manor-house / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1271989B/22
35679Ref - 23622Roger OttewillThe founding of Fleet Congregational Church 1912-1914 / Hampshire Industrial Archaeology Society News, 642015B/26
35680Ref - 23768Pat Thompson'That most difficult of social questions' : the Carlisle Memorial Refuge, Winchester 1868-81, Part 2 / Hampshire Field Club & Archaeological Society Newsletter, 652016B/25.3
35681Ref - 23768George CampbellReconstructing the medieval landscape of Priors Barton / Hampshire Field Club & Archaeological Society Newsletter, 652016E/15
35682Ref - 23768Malcolm WalfordDrift roads / Hampshire Field Club & Archaeological Society Newsletter, 652016E/35.1
35683Ref - 23768Mike BroderickOdiham : common fields, castle and canal / Hampshire Field Club & Archaeological Society Newsletter, 652016E/15
35685Ref - 23769Jane ReesSpecialist tools for sash window making / Construction History Newsletter, June : 662003E/33.22
35686Ref - 23769Sebastian DavidThe use of existing railway arches in London / Construction History Newsletter, June : 662003E/35.6
35687Ref - 23769David GlosterIconic iron : Labrouste and French constructional sensibility 1789-1868 / Construction History Newsletter, June : 662003B/05.9
35688Ref - 23769James W P CampbellThe study of bricks and brickwork in England since Nathaniel Lloyd / Construction History Newsletter, June : 662003B/04.3
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