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35504Ref - 785Johna Williams-DaviesMerched Gerddi: a seasonal migrration of female labour from rural Wales / Folk Life, 151977E/66.6
35505Ref - 785Kathryn C SmithThe wise man and his community / Folk Life, 151977E/71.0
35506Ref - 785Alan GaileyThe Ballyhagan inventories 1716-1740 / Folk Life, 151977E/64
35507Ref - 785R W BrunskillTraditional domestic architecture of south-west Lancashire / Folk Life, 151977B/22
35508Ref - 785J Geraint JenkinsCockles and mussels: aspects of shellfish gathering in Wales / Folk Life, 151977E/72.5
35510Ref - 785Margaret BrooksThe craft of a dry stone waller / Folk Life, 151977E/33.92
35512Ref - 785Elfyn ScourfieldRegional variations of hedging styles in Wales / Folk Life, 151977E/33.93
35516Ref - 786James PorterThe Turriff family of Fetterangus : society, learning, creation and recreation of tradiitional song / Folk Life: a journal of ethnological studies, 161978E/79
35517Ref - 786Hugh CheapeQuestionnaires and the grain harvest in Scotland / Folk Life: a journal of ethnological studies, 161978E/17.37
35518Ref - 23731Listed HeritageBreathing new life / Listed Heritage, March/April : 872013B/04.2
35519Ref - 786Laura JonesDress in nineteenth-century Ireland / Folk Life: a journal of ethnological studies, 161978E/74
35520Ref - 786William LinnardBark stripping in Wales / Folk Life: a journal of ethnological studies, 161978E/33.61
35521Ref - 23731Richard MortonYou'll end up in the workhouse - if you're lucky / Listed Heritage, March/April : 872013B/25.3
35523Ref - 23731David PicklesThe Green Deal and listed buildings / Listed Heritage, March/April : 872013B/01.4
35525Ref - 786S Minwel TibbottKnitting stockings in Wales : a domestic craft / Folk Life: a journal of ethnological studies, 161978E/74
35526Ref - 23731Essex County CouncilLimewashes and distempers / Listed Heritage, March/April : 872013B/07.4
35527Ref - 786David SmithSome flat-roof thatch survivals / Folk Life: a journal of ethnological studies, 161978B/04.72
35528Ref - 3014Gavin BowieCorn drying kilns, meal milling and flour in Ireland / Folk Life, 171979B/24.1
35529Ref - 23355Colin JonesPaint choices : learning lessons from the past / Listed Heritage, January/February : 982015B/07.4
35530Ref - 23355David PicklesTraditional windows : their care, repair and upgrading : new guidance from English Heritage / Listed Heritage, January/February : 982015B/06.3
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