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35453Ref - 17903E.K.R.S.200,000 strong : a delegate's thoughts at the N.F.W.I. meeting / Countryman, I : 21927E/26
35454Ref - 17901The CountrymanLondon or the country for brain work? / Countryman, II : 11928E/66
35455Ref - 17901The CountrymanWhat can be done about country house fires? / Countryman, II : 11928E/66
35456Ref - 17901A FarmerHow to get the right sort of labourers / Countryman, II : 11928E/17.1
35458Ref - 23729Ann TowersSands of time : how various methods were trialled during the redecoration of Kenwood House / SPAB Magazine, Spring2014B/07.4
35459Ref - 23729Peter BurmanShedding light : Berlin's gas lighting system and its lamps and lanterns 2014E/32.1
35460Ref - 23729Matthew SlocombeWarcraft / SPAB Magazine, Spring2014E/30
35461Ref - 23729Patrick BatyPaint : coats of many colours / SPAB Magazine, Spring2014B/07.4
35462Ref - 23729Lizzie InduniCorrugated iron and the cauldron of enterprise / SPAB Magazine, Spring2014B/04.9
35463Ref - 23729Douglas KentLime or clay plaster ceilings / SPAB Magazine, Spring2014B/06.1
35464Ref - 23729Matthew SlocombeSafe house : help given by the SPAB to the Grade 1-listed Priest's House in Muchelney, Somerset / SPAB Magazine, Spring2014B/09
35465Ref - 17900M K AshbyThe real rural child / Countryman, II : 31928E/26
3546623730Richard Pailthorpe and Janet HoltWhy did they call me Archibald?1993E/15Sussex
35468Ref - 2346Timothy EdenOld friends / Countryman, III : 21929E/18
35470Ref - 9290The CountrymanThe land girl : facing the facts / Countryman, XXIII : I1941E/17.30
35471Ref - 9290The CountrymanDressing the millstone / Countryman, XXIII : I1941B/24.1
35472Ref - 9290The CountrymanThe urgent plea for real bread / Countryman, XXIII : I1941E/72.5
35474Ref - 857Harold E WattsVillage church music 100 years ago / Countryman, XXIV : I1941E/79
35475Ref - 857F P and W L A RepresentativeLand girls' thoughts / Countryman, XXIV : I1941E/17.30
35476Ref - 857The CountrymanThe plea for real bread / Countryman, XXIV : I1941E/72.5
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