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35304Ref - 772J G DunbarAuchindrain : a mid-Argyll township / Folk Life, 31965B/29
35305Ref - 772J Geoffrey DentThe holed stobe amulet and its uses / Folk Life, 31965E/71.5
35306Ref - 772Gwyn E JonesThe nature and consequence of technical change in farming / Folk Life, 31965E/17.30
35308Ref - 772J Geraint JenkinsA Cardiganshire lip-worker / Folk Life, 31965E/33.4
35309Ref - 772Eric CregeenFlailing in Argyll / Folk Life, 31965E/17.1
35310Ref - 772Ffrangcon LloydThe long house / Folk Life, 31965B/22
35311Ref - 772Frank AtkinsonYorkshire miners' cottages / Folk Life, 31965B/22
35312Ref - 773H J HanhamPolitics and community life in Victorian and Edwardian Britain / Folk Life, 41966E/23
35313Ref - 773M L RyderA note on sheep shearing stools / Folk Life, 41966E/17.33
35314Ref - 773Alan SmallThe villages of the Howe of the Mearns / Folk Life, 41966B/29
35315Ref - 773G J WilliamsThe Welsh language / Folk Life, 41966E/81
35316Ref - 773Anne BuckThe teaching of lacemaking in the East Midlands / Folk Life, 41966E/33.52
35317Ref - 773Alan GaileyThe disapearance of the horse from the Ulster farm / Folk Life, 41966E/17.38
35318Ref - 773Sigurd ErixonThe age of enclosures and its older traditions / Folk Life, 41966E/19.6
35319Ref - 773J Geraint JenkinsTraditional methods of dyeing wool in Wales / Folk Life, 41966E/33.51
35320Ref - 773Anne WardQuilting in the north of England / Folk Life, 41966E/33.5
35321Ref - 774John MacQueenSaints' legends and Celtic life / Folk Life, 51967E/71.6
35322Ref - 774R A SalamanTools of the shipwright 1650-1925 / Folk Life, 51967E/36.1
35323Ref - 774Graeme WhittingtonThe imprint of former occupations and the improver movement on house types in Fife / Folk Life, 51967B/20
35324Ref - 774Richard PhillipsFashions in horseflesh / Folk Life, 51967E/17.38
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