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35230Ref - 13354Albert E WestCopse cutting / WDOAM Volunteers News, Winter : 41974E/33.1
35231Ref - 13354George NewellSurveying the museum site / WDOAM Volunteers News, Winter : 41974M/06
35232Ref - 13354Kim LeslieLocal history through documents : part 2 - probate inventories (continued) / WDOAM Volunteers News, Winter : 41974E/64
35233Ref - 13355J R ArmstrongThe Singleton museum : a policy for the future / WDOAM Magazine, Spring : 51975M/06
35234Ref - 13357J R ArmstrongThe jettied upper hall from Crawley / WDOAM Magazine, Spring : 71976M/06
35235Ref - 13357Richard HarrisBase cruck cottage from Boarhunt, East Hampshire / WDOAM Magazine, Spring : 71976B/22
3523620879Rex WailesWindshafts / Transactions of the Newcomen Society 1947-48 and 1948-49, XXVI1947B/24.6Wailes
35237Ref - 16656Noel DeerrThe evolution of the sugar cane mill and The early use of steam power in the cane sugar industry / Newcomen Society Transactions, 211941B/24.7
35238Ref - 16656Charles E LeeEarly railways in Surrey / Newcomen Society Transactions, 211941E/35.6
35239Ref - 16656George WhiteA history of early needle-making / Newcomen Society Transactions, 211941E/33.33
35240Ref - 16656A F DuftonEarly application of engineering to the warming of buildings / Newcomen Society Transactions, 211941B/07.9
35241Ref - 16656W P MeikleHighway repairs in the 18th century / Newcomen Society Transactions, 211941E/35.1
35242Ref - 16656S B HamiltonThe use of cast iron in building / Newcomen Society Transactions, 211941B/05.9
3524423721Trust Houses LtdTales of old inns : No.2. The "George" at Crawley1932B/25.1Trust
35245Ref - 620R F HunnisettSussex coroners in the middle ages. Part I / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 951957E/24
35246Ref - 620C E WelchThree Sussex heresy trials / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 951957E/24
35247Ref - 620Lord LeconfieldThe minute book of the Petworth Turnpike Trustees, 1757-1801 / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 951957E/35.1
35248Ref - 620The Sussex Archaeological SocietyInscribed pre-reformation church bells in Sussex / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 951957B/07.1
35249Ref - 15352D F Stenning et alSmall aisled halls in Essex / Vernacular Architecture, 342003B/05.2
35250Ref - 15352Diana ChatwinVariation in the survival rate of timber-framed buildings in two Sussex parishes / Vernacular Architecture, 342003B/10.2
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