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3501719579S R Jones and J T SmithThe houses of Breconshire : part I : the Builth district / Brycheiniog, IX1963B/05.1Jones,
35018Ref - 16604Lillian CandlinDragons in the Sussex forests / Tales of old Sussex1985E/71.0
35019Ref - 16604Lillian CandlinMad Jack Fuller / Tales of old Sussex1985E/37.2
35020Ref - 16604Lillian CandlinThe Gooders go-gooding / Tales of old Sussex1985E/71.5
35021Ref - 16604Lillian CandlinThe rites of spring / Tales of Old Sussex1985E/71.2
35022Ref - 16604Lillian CandlinSussex smugglers / Tales of old Sussex1985E/66.9
35023Ref - 16604Lillian CandlinSilly Sussex and the Devil's Dyke / Tales of old Sussex1985E/71.6
35024Ref - 16604Lillian CandlinHastings chop-backs / Tales of Old Sussex1985E/71.0
35025Ref - 16604Lillian CandlinCharles II's escape to France / Tales of Old Sussex1985E/71.6
35026Ref - 16604Lillian CandlinMackerel for to catch / Tales of Old Sussex1985E/17.5
35027Ref - 16604Lillian CandlinSt. Cuthman and the stone / Tales of old Sussex1985E/71
35028Ref - 16604Lillian CandlinSussex inn games / Tales of Old Sussex1985E/28.3
35029Ref - 16604Lillian CandlinThe great Christmas stir-up / Tales of Old Sussex1985E/71.2
35030Ref - 16604Lillian CandlinTelling the bees / Tales of old Sussex1985E/71
35031Ref - 16604Lillian CandlinThe shepherds of the Downs / Tales of old Sussex1985E/17.33
35032Ref - 16604Lillian CandlinThe magic cauldron of Chanctonbury / Tales of old Sussex1985E/71.6
35033Ref - 16604Lillian CandlinTinsley Green marbles / Tales of old Sussex1985E/72.4
35034Ref - 16604Lillian CandlinThe green figs of Sussex / Tales of old Sussex1985E/17.1
35035Ref - 16604Lillian CandlinThe sacred Sussex pig / Tales of old Sussex1985E/17.34
35036Ref - 16604Lillian CandlinEating winkles in March / Tales of old Sussex1985E/72.5
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