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35414Ref - 1161Eurwyn WilliamFarm buildings in the Vale of Clwyd 1550-1880 / Folk Life, 111973B/23
35415Ref - 1161John C O'SullivanSt. Brigid's crosses / Folk Life, 111973E/71.2
35416Ref - 1161John C O'SullivanFurther notes on Wooden pumps / Folk Life, 111973E/34
35417Ref - 1161Richard FosterThe hosiery trade in a Leicestershire village / Folk Life, 111973E/33.50
35418Ref - 782J Geraint JenkinsFish weirs and traps / Folk Life, 121974E/17.58
35419Ref - 782Melville RichardsFishing terms in Welsh place names / Folk Life, 121974E/13
35420Ref - 782Gunter WiegelmannInnovations in food and meals / Folk Life, 121974E/72.5
35421Ref - 782S Minwel TibbotSucan and llymru in Wales / Folk Life, 121974E/72.5
35422Ref - 782Alexander FentonSowens in Scotland / Folk Life, 121974E/72.5
35423Ref - 782Pamela MurrayOatbread in North Staffordshire / Folk Life, 121974E/72.5
35424Ref - 782Peter C D BrearsOatcake in West Riding / Folk Life, 121974E/72.5
35425Ref - 782John R BaldwinSea bird fowling in Scotland and France / Folk Life, 121974E/17.52
35426Ref - 782R O RobertsBoon land - an unusual form of tenure / Folk Life, 121974E/19
35427Ref - 783John D WiddowsonThe things they say about food: a survey of traditional english foodways / Folk Life, 131975E/72.5
35428Ref - 783Eunice M SchofieldWorking class food and cooking in 1900 / Folk Life, 131975E/72.5
35429Ref - 783Colin ThomasPeasant agriculture in medieval Gwynedd: an interpretation of the documentary evidence / Folk Life, 131975E/17.0
35430Ref - 783James WaltonThe English stone-slater's craft / Folk Life, 131975B/05.4
35431Ref - 783C Anne WilsonBurnt wine and cordial waters: the early days of distilling / Folk Life, 131975E/72.5
35432Ref - 783Walter MinchintonCider and folklore / Folk Life, 131975E/72.5
35433Ref - 783R Ross NobleAn end to 'wrecking' : the decline in the use of seaweed as a manure on Ayrshire coastal farms / Folk Life, 131975E/17.30
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