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35250Ref - 15352Diana ChatwinVariation in the survival rate of timber-framed buildings in two Sussex parishes / Vernacular Architecture, 342003B/10.2
35251Ref - 15352Kathryn BairdAn overview of secular wall paintings in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in the Welsh Marches / Vernacular Architecture, 342003B/07.4
35252Ref - 15352Nicholas A D Molyneux et alThe detached bell tower, St Leonard's parish church, Yarpole, Herefordshire / Vernacular Architecture, 342003B/26
35253Ref - 15352Ian Tyers and Duncan JamesAn unusual early fifteenth-century scarf join in Pembridge, Herefordshire / Vernacular Architecture, 342003B/05.2
35254Ref - 15352Malcolm HislopRock House Farm, Great Haywood : a fifteenth-century Staffordshire semi? / Vernacular Architecture, 342003B/05.2
35255Ref - 15352John WalkerA lobby-entrance house of 1615 : model farm, Linstead Magna, Halesworth, Suffolk / Vernacular Architecture, 342003B/05.2
35256Ref - 15352Anne Crone and Coralie M MillsDendrochonologically dated buildings from Scotland / Vernacular Architecture, 342003B/01
35257Ref - 2970James BarrieThe Clydesdale horse / Ark, IV : 111977E/17.38
35258Ref - 2964G L H AldersonChoose your wool : a guide for handspinners and weavers / Ark, III : 51976E/33.51
35260Ref - 21062E Cecil CurwenMore about querns / Antiquity, XV : 571941E/62.6
35263Ref - 21060E Cecil CurwenQuerns / Antiquity, XI : 421937E/62.6
35269Ref - 770Anne BuckThe countryman's smock / Folk Life, I1963E/74
35270Ref - 770J Geraint JenkinsBowl turners and spoon carvers / Folk Life, I1963E/33.29
35271Ref - 770Frank Atkinson'Knur and spell' and allied games / Folk Life, I1963E/72.4
35272Ref - 770Hugo LemonThe hand craftsman in the wool textile trade / Folk Life, I1963E/33.51
35273Ref - 770Margaret Dean-SmithDisguise in English folk drama / Folk Life, I1963E/74
35275Ref - 771F G PayneWelsh peasant costume / Folk Life, II1964E/74
35277Ref - 771Caoimhin O DanachairThe combined byre-and-dwelling in Ireland / Folk Life, II1964B/22
35278Ref - 771Iorwerth C PeateThe long-house again / Folk Life, II1964B/22
35280Ref - 771John WestThe forest offenders of medieval Worcestershire / Folk Life, II1964E/18
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