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348479024Gunilla Eriksson et alKulturen in Lund : a guide to The Museum of Cultural History in Lund1983M/08Sweden
34849Ref - 18950J.P.B.(edited by P Jerrome)"They won't put clock on!" / The Petworth Society Magazine, 1352009E/15
34850Ref - 6623P D BrooksWinchester pipe rolls / Farnham & District Museum Society Newsletter, 5 : 41978E/64
34852Ref - 18558Ken SmithA brief look at brewing in Surrey / Surrey History, VII No.42007E/37.5
34853Ref - 18558John TheobaldSome notes on Surrey tokens of the 19th and 20th centuries / Surrey History, VII No.42007E/22.2
34854Ref - 18558Peter TarpleeSome public utilities in Surrey : water supply / Surrey History, VII No.42007E/32.2
34855Ref - 18558Micahel Page et alAccession of records in Surrey History Centre in 2006 / Surrey History, VII No.42007E/64
34861Ref - 23631John TheobaldSome notes on South West Surrey's seventeenth- and eighteenth-century trade tokens / Surrey History, VII : 32006E/66.5
34862Ref - 23631Alan ThomasLord Roseberry and his hobby / Surrey History, VII : 32006B/23.3
34863Ref - 15719Alan CrockerDeer parks in Surrey in 1892 / Surrey History, VII : 22005B/08.2
34864Ref - 15719Nigel SaulD. Turner, the manor and the feudal construction of space : a rejoinder / Surrey History, VII : 22005E/66.3
34865Ref - 1158J T SmithTimber-framed building in England : its development and regional differences / Studies in medieval domestic architecture1975B/04.2
34866Ref - 1158J T SmithMedieval aisled halls and their derivatives / Studies in medieval domestic architecture1975B/01.3
34867Ref - 1158J T SmithMedieval roofs : a classification / Studies in medieval domestic architecture1975B/05.60
34868Ref - 1158P A FaulknerDomestic planning from the twelfth to the fourteenth centuries / Studies in medieval domestic architecture1975B/03
34869Ref - 1158P A FaulknerMedieval undercrofts and town houses / Studies in medieval domestic architecture1975B/06.9
34870Ref - 1158Anthony EmeryDartington Hall, Devonshire / Studies in medieval domestic architecture1975B/22
3487123632Peter R PrestonCathedral and monastic church roofs: a critical analysis of their heritage values with a view to better conservation management2015DIS B/26Presto
3487223633Peter R PrestonCathedral and monastic church roofs: a critical analysis of their heritage values with a view to better conservation management. Appendices2015DIS B/26Presto
3487423634Francis D MasonFactors influencing the presence and survival of vernacular cob buildings in the New Forest2014DIS B/04.5Mason,
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