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3513123698Peter BrearsFood & cooking in 17th century Britain : history & recipes1985E/72.5Brears
3513223699edited by Michael R BestGervase Markham : 'The English Housewife'1994E/72.0Markha
3513314593Jocelyn BaileyThe village blacksmithE/33.32Bailey
3513423700E M Gorton et alStanmerE/15Sussex
3513519920Alan NashCustomary measure and open field strip size in Sussex / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1211983E/17.1Nash,
35137Ref - 3987Ivor OwenParliament and rural life / Village, 23 : 31968E/16.5
35138Ref - 22990Michael D BeareConservation compendium. Part 10 : Corrosion of steel frames behind masonry elevations-assessment and treatment / Structural Engineer, 93 : 9 September2015B/10.9
35139Ref - 22990Jon AventConservation compendium: a career in ruins (the challenges presented by derelict structures) / Structural Engineer, 93 : 9 September2015B/10
35140Ref - 22990John RuddyConservation compendium: scaffolding of historic structures / Structural Engineer, 93 : 11 November2015B/10
35143Ref - 23555Jean BirrellPeasants eating and drinking / The Agricultural History Review, 63 : Part I2015E/72.5
35144Ref - 23555Hugo J P La PoutreThe contribution of legumes to the diet of English peasants and farm servants, c1300 / The Agricultural History Review, 63 : Part I2015E/72.5
35145Ref - 23555Ronan O'DonnellThe creation of ring-fence farms: some observations from eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Northumberland / The Agricultural History Review, 63 : Part I2015E/17.30
35146Ref - 23555Larent Herment and Wouter RonsijnSeasonal patterns in food markets in north-west Europe in the second quarter of the nineteenth century: the evidence of periodic markets in France, En\\ / The Agricultural History Review, 63 : Part I2015E/22
35147Ref - 23701Jordan Claridge and John LangdonThe composition of famuli labour on English demesnes, c1300 / The Agricultural History Review, 63 : Part II2015E/17.30
35148Ref - 23701David BrownNew men of wealth and the purchase of land in Great Britain and Ireland, 1780 to 1879 / The Agricultural History Review, 63 : Part II2015E/17.0
35150Ref - 23701William FranklinDrainage and the town plough / The Agricultural History Review, 63 : Part II2015E/17.37
35151Ref - 23600Mike HardwickNot just lime in a hot mix / The Building Limes Forum Newsletter, 16 : 3 August2015B/05.7
351528915R W GalloisThe Wealdon district1978E/04Galloi
35154Ref - 23702John ByrneHot limes leave me cold / Building Limes Forum News, 16 : 4 November2015B/05.7
35156Ref - 23703Joe ThomsonThe Anglo-Saxon house : the treewrighting / WDOAM Magazine, Autumn2015B/05.2
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