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3459823539Michael FitzgeraldA study of current practice in historic building recording and analysis in England and their impact on conservation2006DIS B/03.1Fitzge
3459923540Tim FloydThe soiling and crazing of architectural faience : an investigation into the causes and an approach to consolidation2003DIS B/04.5Floyd,
3460023541R H FoxIs there scope for a more integrated approach to the management of anobiid timber pest populations in historic buidings?2006DIS B/04.2Fox, R
3460123542Jason Norman FrenchAn original research project on the net shops of Hastings covering the maintenance, repairs and their future2012DIS B/01.3French
3460223543K M GaleThe development of courtyard houses within Dorset : survey of conservation officers within Dorset : research survey findings1999DIS B/22Wessex
3460323544Phillipa Hammond An investigation into the standard of lime mortar repairs to carved limestone on historic buildings2012DIS B/04.6Hammon
3460423545David Adam EvansAn appraisal of the physical barrier systems used to protect internal fixtures and finishes with historic buildings2010DIS B/09Evans,
3460523546B R HallA strategy for a conservation plan for the Palace of Westminster. Volume 1 And Appendices.2003/4DIS B/09Hall,
3460923547N D Fairhurst"The education and training of the general practice chartered surveyor is inadequate in providing a fitting basis for dealing with Britain's historic \\ 2006DIS B/02.3Fairhu
3461023548Duncan HawkinsThe iron buildings of the Royal Navy dockyards 1837-1964. Design, project management, historical and technological context2012DIS B/27Hawkin
3461123549Sibylle HeilLime wash: An evaluation of application practices in Britain2010DIS B/04.6Heil,
3461223550M HicksA review of the standards of heat insulation provided by the walls and roofs of timber-framed buidings, and proposals for their improvement2003DIS B/05.2Hicks,
3461323551Oona HicksonA study of Haslar gun boat yard with new insights into its history, construction, manufacture and use2012?DIS B/27Hickso
3461423552R W HoskinsAn evaluative study of the connections in cast iron and wrought iron building frames from 1797 to 18702010DIS B/05.9Hoskin
3461523553Andrew HowellHow engaged are construction employees with conservation policy, when working on statutory protected heritage buildings?2012DIS B/09Howell
3461623554R A F Jessup"The aesthetics of building facades & rendered surfaces"2010-2012DIS B/01Jessup
34618Ref - 19830T F C BlaggSome Roman architectural traditions in the early Saxon churches of Kent / Collectanea historica : Essays in memory of Stuart Rigold1981B/26
34619Ref - 19830Jane GeddesSome tomb railings in Canterbury cathedral / Collectanea historica : Essays in memory of Stuart Rigold1981B/07.1
34620Ref - 19830Derek RennTonbridge and some other gatehouses / Collectanea historica : Essays in memory of Stuart Rigold1981B/27
34621Ref - 19830Beric M MorleyAspects of fourteenth-century castle design / Collectanea historica : Essays in memory of Stuart Rigold1981B/27
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