ID   Accn_Num   TITLE   Year   VOL   NUM 
161681886Sussex Notes and Queries1945X7
161691887Sussex Notes and Queries1945X8
161701883Sussex Notes and Queries index1946-1947X
161711888Sussex Notes and Queries1946111
161721889Sussex Notes and Queries1946112
161731890Sussex Notes and Queries1946113
161741891Sussex Notes and Queries1946114
161751893Sussex Notes and Queries1947115
161761894Sussex Notes and Queries1947116
161771895Sussex Notes and Queries1947117
161781718Sussex Notes and Queries1947118
161791892Sussex Notes and Queries index1948XI
161801896Sussex Notes and Queries1948121
161811897Sussex Notes and Queries1948122
161821898Sussex Notes and Queries1948123
161831899Sussex Notes and Queries1948124
161841901Sussex Notes and Queries1949125
161851903Sussex Notes and Queries1949126 and 7
161861904Sussex Notes and Queries1949128
161871900Sussex Notes and Queries index195012
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