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1611710002Sussex Notes and Queries193452
1611810003Sussex Notes and Queries193353
1611910004Sussex Notes and Queries193454
161201679Sussex Notes and Queries1935V5
1612110005Sussex Notes and Queries1935V6
1612210006Sussex Notes and Queries193557
1612310007Sussex Notes and Queries193558
161241843Sussex Notes and Queries193661
161251844Sussex Notes and Queries193662
161261845Sussex Notes and Queries193662
161271916Sussex Notes and Queries193664
161281868Sussex Notes and Queries193765
161291869Sussex Notes and Queries193766
161301846Sussex Notes and Queries193767
161311870Sussex Notes and Queries193768
161321847Sussex Notes and Queries index1936-193761-8
161331871Sussex Notes and Queries1938VII1
161341872Sussex Notes and Queries1938VII2
161351874Sussex Notes and Queries1938VII4
161361873Sussex Notes and Queries1938VII3
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