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31044Ref - 21197Ewen McEwenWear of plough shares / Farm, III : No.III Nov-Dec1952E/17.7
31046Ref - 21166David H KennettThe heated brick: the ideal bed-warmer and foot-warmer / British Brick Society Information 120, May : 1202012E/72
31047Ref - 21207Rob Atkins and Michael WebsterMedieval corn-driers, discovered on land probably once part of Repton Manor, Ashford / Archaeologia Cantiana, CXXXII2012E/17.7
31048Ref - 21225Ron MartinGarden and Boundary Walls / Sussex Industrial Archaeology Society Newsletter, July : 1552012B/08.3
31049Ref - 21291Barry CoxThe Building Archaeology Research Database - revealing the history of timber-framed buildings - the only way is Surrey! / Surrey Archaeological Society Bulletin, Aug : 4342012E/64
31050Ref - 21288Brigid FiceSecuring our research / DBRG News, June : 1212012E/64
31051Ref - 21288Andy MoirAn upgrade to BARD / DBRG News, June : 1212012E/64
31052Ref - 21288Mary DayDBRG annual lecture - 'A Winter Warmer' / DBRG News, June : 1212012E/72
31053Ref - 21288Rosemary HughesdonAGM at Taylors, near Capel / DBRG News, June : 1212012B/05
31054Ref - 21288Rod WildVisit to Woolborough Farm near Outwood / DBRG News, June : 1212012B/22
31055Ref - 21241Gordon TaylorThe Dutch & Flemish gables of Kent / Kent Archaeological Society Newsletter, Summer : 932012B/05.3
31056Ref - 20930Diana ZeunerLooking down the barrel of a gun 2001M/06
31058Ref - 20936Diana ZeunerWeald & Downland Museum opens innovative workshop and store / AIM, August2002M/06
31061Ref - 20932Sam MullinsBuilding the case for 'social capital' in independent museums / AIM, October2001M/01
31062Ref - 20932Bridget YatesScreening volunteers / AIM, October2001M/01
31063Ref - 20933Diana ZeunerDonations instead of admission charges reap benefits for AIM member / AIM, December2001M/02
31065Ref - 21350WDOAM MagazineRaising the frame : Tindalls Cottage joins the museum's historic exhibits / Weald & Downland Open Air Museum, Autumn2012
31066Ref - 21350Danae TankardDomestic culture in the late medieval house / Weald & Downland Open Air Museum, Autumn2012E/72.0
31067Ref - 21350Danae TankardInterpreting the medieval shop from Horsham / Weald & Downland Open Air Museum, Autumn2012
31068Ref - 21350Karen Searle BarrettPoplar Cottage furnishing project complete / Weald & Downland Open Air Museum Magazine, Autumn2012
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