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2632517601C H Ward-Jackson and Denis HarveyThe English gypsy caravan : its origins, builders, technology and conservation1972E/33.25Ward-J
2634417651Bernard M FeildenConservation of historic building : technical studies in the arts, archaeology and architecture1982B/10Feilde
2634517652John HarveyConservation of buildings1972B/10Harvey
2634617653Harry Bryant NewboldHouse and cottage construction. Volume IIIB/05.0House
2634817654Samuel Smethurst et alHouse and cottage construction. Volume IVB/05.0House
2634917655Harry Bryant Newbold et alHouse and cottage construction. Volume IB/05House
2642317722Edward Dobson and John Parnell AllenRudiments of the art of building1923B/05.0Dobson
2642417723Ernest SponWorkshop receipts for the use of manufacturers, mechanics, and scientific amateurs1873E/37Spon,
2642517724Peter L ClarkeDever & Down : a history of the parish of Wonston2002E/15Hampsh
2642617725Scottish Lime Centre TrustCharlestown limeworks research and conservation2006B/05.7Scotti
2642717726Heather Flack et alA short history of the North Range and Saracen's Head building2005?B/20West M
2642817727edited by Hentie LouwThe place of technology in architectural history : papers from the Joint Symposium for the Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain and th\\ 2002B/05.0Louw,
2642917728Geir JensenManual fire extinguishing equipment for protection of heritage : research report2006E/32.5Jensen
2643017729Geir JensenHypoxic air venting for protection of heritage : research report2006E/32.5Jensen
2643117730Geir JensenMinimum invasive fire detection for protection of heritage : research report2006E/32.5Jensen
2643217731The Crown EstateThe Savill Building : Windsor Great ParkB/05.2Crown
2643317732Dennis UrquhartConversion of traditional buildings : application of the Scottish Building Standards. Part 1 : principles and practice; Part 2 : application2007B/10.0Urquha
2643417733edited by P S Barnwell and Malcolm AirsHouses and the hearth tax : the later Stuart house in society2006B/06.2Barnwe
2643517734English HeritageThe conversion of traditional farm buildings : a guide to good practice2006B/23.9Englis
2643617735Ewan HyslopStone in Scotland2006B/05.4Hyslop
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