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17949Ref - 10337Weald and Downland Open Air Museum 1996 training programme / COTAC Newsletter, February No. 81996M/04
17950Ref - 10336Collette HallNew life for old buildings : the repair and rehabilitation of 15-17 Bridge Street, Horncastle, Lincolnshire / COTAC News, 71995B/10
17952Ref - 10336COTACThe grand stair masterclasses in building repair at Woodchester Mansion / COTAC News, 71995B/06.5
17953Ref - 10336Roger FranceBringing architectural conservation into focus / COTAC News, 71995B/10
17955Ref - 10334Colin StottProgress of craft training courses for restoration and conservation at South Birmingham College : an EC "Euroform" funded programme / COTAC Newsletter, No. 51994E/25.8
17956Ref - 10332Linda WatsonArchitectural Conservation Centre (South West) University of Plymouth : progress report January 1994 / COTAC Newsletter, No. 31994B/10
17957Ref - 10332Paul SimonsThe reconstruction of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre : a timber framer's perspective / COTAC Newsletter, 31994B/10.2
17958Ref - 10339Fire and thatch / COTAC Newsletter, 101996B/05.62
17959Ref - 10342Factors affecting the longevity of wheat reed thatch / COTAC Newsletter, March No.131998B/05.62
17960Ref - 10342Heritage skills training on Merseyside / COTAC Newsletter, March, No.131998E/25.8
17961Ref - 10343Simon WinderA woodland challenge / COTAC Newsletter, April No. 141999E/16.5
1796314479edited by Miklos Cseri, Translated by Inez KemenesTanners1992E/33.6Cseri,
1796414487edited by Jerzy Czajkowski, translated by Elzbieta Gozdziak and Jolanta RogalinskaOpen air museums in Poland1981M/01.1Poland
1796714489edited by Gunnar Lindqvist et alThe regional museums of Sweden1984M/01Sweden
17972Ref - 14225Dry stone walling specialists / COTAC Newsletter, March No. 172001B/08.3
17973Ref - 10193Patrick BatyThe role of paint analysis in the historic interior / Journal of Architectural Conservation, 1 No. 11995B/07.4
17974Ref - 10193C R Moynehan et alSurface analysis of architectural terracotta including new and soiled examples, and pieces treated with a hydrofluoric acid-based cleaning solution / Journal of Architectural Conservation, 1 No. 11995B/05.5
17975Ref - 10193Julian HarrapRestoration of the historic fabric of Burlington House and the main galleries, Royal Academy of Arts, London / Journal of Architectural Conservation, 1 No.11995B/10
17976Ref - 10192David Carrington and Peter SwallowLimes and lime mortars. Part II / Journal of Architectural Conservation, 2 No. 11996B/05.7
17977Ref - 10192D C M Urquhart et alA field investigation of algal growths and bioside efficacy on sandstone buildings and monuments / Journal of Architectural Conservation, 2 No. 11996B/10.4
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