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10573The sugar beet industry in Sussex / Sussex County Magazine, 7 N6 p4061933E/17.36
10574Beauty & beet / Sussex County Magazine, 26 N9 p4321952E/17.36
10575Thatched ricks nr Chichester / Sussex County Magazine, 29 N9 p4431955E/17.36
10576Ref - 3437Petworth SocietyReaping and binding at Chillinghurst 1744 / The Petworth Society Bulletin, 271982E/17.36
10577P F BrandonArable farming in a Sussex scarp foot parish in late middle ages / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 100 p601962E/17.37
10578Ref - 17633S G JuppThe passing of the ox team / Sussex County Magazine, 81934E/17.38
10579Ref - 333Irvine BatelyMethod of preparing an ox for shoeing / Sussex County Magazine, IX N81935E/17.38
10580Sussex oxen 100 years ago / Sussex County Magazine, 9 N9 p5971935E/17.38
10581Ref - 140Raymond C ChandlerSussex oxen, Sussex horses / Sussex County Magazine, XIII1939E/17.38
10582The return of the ox / Sussex County Magazine, 14 N7 p2641940E/17.38
10583Ref - 346L N GraburnWorking oxen in Sussex / Sussex County Magazine, 25 N11951E/17.38
10584Belted oxen / Sussex County Magazine, 27 N12 p6071953E/17.38
10585Ref - 350F C ClarkBelted oxen / Sussex County Magazine, XXIX1955E/17.38
10586Ploughing near Beachy Head 1864 / Sussex County Magazine, 13 N6 p4061934E/17.38
10587Picture of ox-shoeing at Saddlescombe / Sussex County Magazine, 9 N9 p5951935E/17.38
10589Ref - 5675C A KellySome Sussex industries : the violet nurseries, Henfield / Sussex County Magazine, III : 11929E/17.4
10590An encounter with cider making November 1933 / The Petworth Society Bulletin, 47 p181987E/17.45
10591Fallow deer in Petworth Park / The Petworth Society Bulletin, N5 p81975E/17.5
10593C F TebbuttRabbit warrens on Ashdown Forest and the site of Warren Lodge / Sussex Notes and Queries, 17 N6 p1931970E/17.5
10595Fish farming / The Petworth Society Bulletin, 16 p41979E/17.5
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