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36566Ref - 24051Craig JonesEnvironmental impacts : to restore or to replace? / Building Conservation Directory2015B/10
36567Ref - 24051Liz HumbleConservation and heritage statements / Building Conservation Directory2015B/01.6
36568Ref - 24051Jeff StottStiffness in timber floors and ceilings / Building Conservation Directory2015B/06
36569Ref - 24051David Farrell and Chris WoodConcrete repairs : traditional methods and like-for-like materials / Building Conservation Directory2015B/10.6
36570Ref - 24051Moses JenkinsRepairing Scottish slate roofs / Building Conservation Directory2015B/05.62
36571Ref - 24051Geoff MaybankTraditional brickwork / Building Conservation Directory2015B/05.3
36572Ref - 24051Tony BartonEarly and vernacular timber doors / Building Conservation Directory2015B/06.3
36573Ref - 24051Joseph BisphamArchitectural timber : history and conservation / Building Conservation Directory2015B/10.2
36574Ref - 24051Jonathan TaylorGeorgian and Victorian street lighting / Building Conservation Directory2015E/34
36575Ref - 24051Peter KaczmarLinseed oil paints and mastics : applications and limitations / Building Conservation Directory2015B/07.4
36576Ref - 24051Catherine WoolfittDecorative masonry repairs / Building Conservation Directory2015B/10.4
36577Ref - 24051Francis Stacey and Jane DaviesTrompe l'oeil marble : history and conservation of 19th-century marbling / Building Conservation Directory2015B/07.4
36578Ref - 24051Lesley DurbinTile work of the 17th and 18th centuries : migration of techniques and styles / Building Conservation Directory2015B/07.5
3657916106George RileyThe water mills of the Borough of Newcastle1991B/24.3Staffo
3658018333J Reynolds, C Burrell and D BignellDurngate Mill, Winchester / The Proceedings of the Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society, XXIV1967B/24.3Hampsh
365838701Jonthan BrownFarm tools and techniques : a pictorial history1993E/17.7Brown,
365848764K M NewburySidlesham mill1980B/24.3Sussex
36586Ref - 24058David TaylorSome thoughts on the origins of Cobham / Surrey Archaeological Society Bulletin, August : 4572016E/15
36588Ref - 24059Martin HigginsAn unusual roof in Lingfield / DBRG News, June2016B/05.61
36589Ref - 24059Joyce HoadPreparations to consider [c1540] before building a house / DBRG News, June2016B/02.1
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