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3402923123Aymar EmburyThe Tuileries brochures. A series of monographs on European architecture with special reference to roof tiles. Architecture of Denmark and her former \\ : V number 11939B/04.73Tuiler
3405323146L'Ecomusee de FougerollesL'Ecomusee de Fougerolles1988M/08France
3405423147Park An AvorigPark an Arvorig : Ecomusee d'Oussant and Ecomusee des Monts d'Arree1992?M/08France
34055Ref - 9506P R EdwardsThe horse trade of the Midlands in the seventeenth century / The Agricultural History Review, 27 Part II1979E/22.3
340582911J R ArmstrongThe open air museum : idea and reality / Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society New Series, 201973M/06Armstr
340604615Ivo MaroevicThe museum item : source and carrier of information / Informatologia Yugoslavica, 15 (3-4)1983M/03Maroev
340614756Patrick DujarricUsing exhibitions to explain traditional African architecture / ?, ??M/03Dujarr
340625062Stephen E WeilThe Museum Management Institute : a brief history / International Journal of Museum Management and Curatorship, 41985M/01Weil,
340635063Peter J AmesGuiding museum values : trustees, missions and plans / Museum News, August1985M/01Ames,
340644755Elly BergA bilingual view of the city / Museum, 1441984M/04Berg,
340655280Roger Mummery et alLaunch pad : interactive exhibition design / AJ, September1986M/03Mummer
340665170Brenda CapstickMuseums and tourism / The International Journal of Museum Management and Curatorship, 41985M/01Capsti
340695553National Preservation Office, The British LibraryPreservation guidelines1986M/07Nation
3407123148Ecomusee de Haute-AlsaceEcomusee de Haute-Alsace1988M/08France
3407223149Ecomusee de la region Fourmies-TrelonEcomusee de la region Fourmies-Trelon1993M/08France
3407323150Ecomusee de la Bresse BourguignonneEcomusee de la Bresse Bourguignonne1992M/08France
3407623152Ludowici-Celadon CompanyLudowici-Celadon Company sheets; A. Shingle tiles; B. Interlocking shingle tiles; C. French tiles; D. Mission tiles; E. Spanish tiles; F. Roman and Gr\\ 1929/30B/04.73Ludowi
3407723153Gunter A GotzOrnamente an Dach und Fassade1992B/04.73Gotz,
3407823154Anita Ellis and Walter LangsamAn expression of the community : Cincinnati public schools' legacy of art and architecture2001E/76Ellis,
3407923155Edward R BosleyUniversity of Pennsylvania Library : Frank Furness : the poetry of the present1996B/01.2Bosley
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