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2836919238Peirce F LewisCommon houses, cultural spoor / Landscape, 19 (2)1975B/22USA/Le
2837019239?Appalachian log cabins / unknownB/22USA/Ap
2837119240Henry Glassie IIIOld barns of Appalachia / Mountain Life and Work : The Magazine of the Appalachian South. Fortieth Anniversary1965B/23.2Glassi
2837219241Milton B NewtonSelected pages from Atlas of Louisiana / Atlas of Louisiana : A Guide for StudentsB/22USA/Ne
2837319242Amos RapoportSome perspectives on human use and organization of spaceB/01.4Rapopo
2837419243Marshall Joseph BeckerShingle making : an aspect of early American carpentry / Pennsylvania Folklife, 25(2)1975B/04.75Becker
2837519244Robert A BarakatRaising a tobacco shed / Pennsylvania Folklife, 27 (2)1977B/23.2Baraka
2837619245Richard H HulanThe dogtrot house and its Pennsylvania Associations / Pennsylvania Folklife, 26 (4)B/22USA/Hu
2837719246Henry GlassieEighteenth-century cultural process in Delaware Valley folk building / Winterthur Portfolio, No. 71972E/65.6Glassi
2837819247Bernard L Herman and David G OrrPear Valley et al : an excursion into the analysis of southern vernacular architecture / Southern Folklore Quarterly, 39 (4)1975B/01.3Herman
2837919248Fred R CottonLog cabins of the Parker County Region / The West Texas Historical Association Year Book, 291953B/22USA/Co
2838019249Amos LongPennsylvania lime kilns / Pennsylvania Folklife, 15(3)1966B/04.6Long,
2838119250Arthur J LawtonThe pre-metric foot and its use in Pennsylvania German architecture / Pennsylvania Folklife, 19 (1)1969E/71.8Lawton
2838219251Amos LongBank (multi-Level) structures in rural Pennsylvania / Pennsylvania Folklife, 20 (2)1970B/23Long,
2838319252Robert C BucherThe Swiss bank house in Pennsylvania / Pennsylvania Folklife, 18 (2)1968B/22USA/Bu
2838419253Henry GlassieStructure and function, folklore and artifact / Semiotica, 7 (4)1973E/71.6Glassi
2838519254Wilbur ZelinskyThe log house in Georgia / Geographical Review1953B/05.2Zelins
2838619255Henry GlassieThe Wedderspoon Farm / New York Folklore Quarterly, 22 (3)1966B/23Glassi
2838719256Henry GlassieThe Pennsylvania barn in the south / Pennsylvania Folklife, 15 (2)1965B/23.2Glassi
2838819257J T SmithThe evolution of the English peasant house to the late 17th century : the evidence of buildings / British Archaeological Association Journal, XXXIII1970B/22Smith,
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