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17738Ref - 9450Jane and John PenoyreNumbers 16 and 18 High Street, Bruton, Somerset / Vernacular Architecture, 281997B/22
17739Ref - 9450Jane and John PenoyreBridge Farmhouse, Butleigh, Somerset / Vernacular Architecture, 281997B/23
17740Ref - 9450Jane and John PenoyreHigher Broughton Farmhouse, Stoke St. Mary, Somerset / Vernacular Architecture, 281997B/23
17741Ref - 9450Edward RobertsThe Old Manor, Ashley, Hampshire : tree ring dated to 1521, 1529-30 and 1605-06 / Vernacular Architecture, 281997B/03.31
17742Ref - 9450Edward Roberts and Daniel MilesCastle Bridge Cottages, North Warnborough, Hampshire : tree ring dated to 1476 and 1534-5 / Vernacular Architecture, 281997B/03.31
17743Ref - 9450Edward RobertsThe Thatched Cottage, North Warnborough, Hampshire : tree ring dated to 1445-46 / Vernacular Architecture, 281997B/03.31
17744Ref - 13124David MartinEnd reversal during the conversion of medieval houses in Sussex / Vernacular Architecture, 312000B/09
17745Ref - 13124Blake TysonManagement attitudes towards reusing materials in traditional Cumbrian buildings / Vernacular Architecture, 312000B/05
17746Ref - 13124J W P CampbellNaming the parts of post-medieval roof structures / Vernacular Architecture, 312000B/05.61
17747Ref - 13124Patrick CrouchBlind backs and nineteenth-century working-class housing / Vernacular Architecture, 312000B/22
17748Ref - 13124Cathy GrovesBelarus to Bexley and beyond : Dendochronology and dendro-provenancing of conifer timbers / Vernacular Architecture, 312000B/03.31
17749Ref - 13124Martin BridgeCan dendochronology be used to indicate the source of oak within Britain? / Vernacular Architecture, 312000B/03.31
17750Ref - 13124R A MeesonDetached kitchens or service blocks? / Vernacular Architecture, 312000B/06.9
17751Ref - 13214John WalkerDetached kitchens : comment and an Essex example / Vernacular Architecture, 312000B/22
17752Ref - 13214John WalkerA square medieval timber-framed kitchen / Vernacular Architecture, 312000B/22
17753Ref - 4724Susan CampbellA few guidelines for the conservation of old kitchen gardens / The Journal of the Garden History Society, 13 no 11985B/081
17754Ref - 9614F E CracklesMedieval gardens in Hull : archaeological evidence / The Journal of the Garden History Society, 14 no 11986B/081
17755Ref - 9616John H HarveyThe square of Henry the Poet / The Journal of the Garden History Society, 15 no 11987B/081
17756Ref - 5764Mavis BateyBasing House Tudor gardens / The Journal of the Garden History Society, 15 no 21987B/081
17757Ref - 7248John H HarveyGarden plants around 1525 : the Fromond List / The Journal of the Garden History Society, 17 no 21989B/081
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