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7651Ref - 7749Joyce RushenDays of pepper and roses / Traditional Homes, 7 : 7 : April1991B/02.0
7654G RussellCan rural England be preserved ? / Countryman, 41 N1 p411950E/16.4
7655C RyanSo, what Is a Conservation Officer? / Period Home, 5 N1 p121984E/16.6
7656P M Ryan14th-century brickwork in all Saints' church, Maldon, Essex / British Brick Society Information, N35 p31985B/04.3
7657P M RyanDeerhouses / Historic Buildings in Essex, N2 p191985B/02.1
7659Ref - 9469M L RyderThe animal remains found at Kirkstall Abbey / The Agricultural History Review, VII Part I1959E/61.8
7660Ref - 9474M L RyderLivestock remains from four medieval sites in Yorkshire / The Agricultural History Review, IX Part II1961E/61.8
7661Ref - 5786drawings by W J StrachanCornish bridges / Countryman, 91 No.31986E/35.5
7662W J StrachenA county hewn from stone / Countryman, 81 N4 p1571976E/62.9
7664Ref - 9486R W SturgessThe agricultural revolution on the English clays : a rejoinder / The Agricultural History Review, XV Part II1967E/17.1
7665Ref - 824Brenda SwainThe historical background to the registration of common land / Amateur Historian, 7 N71967E/16.0
7666Ref - 803M Burnham SwainPublic health in medieval England / Amateur Historian, 5 N31962E/31
7667Ref - 1156Eric R SwainDivided and galleried hall-houses / Medieval Archaeology, XII1968B/05.1
7668Ref - 15592Caroline SwashGlowing panes .. history of domestic stained glass / Traditional Homes, 2 : 7 : April1986B/06.3
7669F SweetDivided they stand / Traditional Homes, Feb p151991B/09
7671G WebsterBarnsley Park / Current Archaeology, N72 p111980E/61.6
7672K WeddRenovation case history No.72 : Britannia rules / Traditional Homes, Oct p161990B/22
7673K WeddPotted history / Traditional Homes, Mar p961990E/33.7
7674K WeddRenovation case history No.74 : the mill's tale / Traditional Homes, Dec p161990B/24.2
7675K WeddSimple addition / Traditional Homes, Jun p391990B/09
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